Comparison between the National Cathedral in Washington D.C. and the Notre Dame



Comparison between the NationalCathedral in Washington D.C. and the Notre Dame

The Washington DC NationalCathedral initially called the “cathedral of St. Peter and St.Paul” sits on a 57-acre landscape, which is the equivalent of 23hectares on Mount Saint Alban. It has a one-story porch that projectfrom South transepts, which has significant portal containingtympanum. The portal touches the pilgrim steps, which is a 12 meter(40ft) wide, long flight of steps. The cathedral has a neo-Gothicdesign and is the world’s sixth largest cathedral. Similarly, theCathedral is 517ft (158m) long and 301ft (92m) high. Its west towersare 234ft(71m). In the course of its construction, the architectsused less structural steel and concrete then used many of themedieval methods such as flying buttresses and ribbed vaulting(Stevenson 2010).

Accordingly, the architectselaborately decorated the cathedral with both national and religiousmotifs. For example, one the cathedral’s sculpture is a depictionof Darth Vader from the Star Wars. Similarly, the National Cathedralin Washington DC has 215 stained glass windows. One of its stainedglass windows is the prominent “Space Window” paying tribute tothe first landing on the moon. The cathedral’s biggest stainedwindow (north rose window) has a diameter of 26ft/8m. Moreover, thecathedral has 110 gargoyles, which are creature sculptures that leadwater from the gutter far from the building’s walls (Bony 1983).

However, Notre-Dame cathedral(Our lady of Paris) is in the heart of Paris, France. Similarly, itis among the largest cathedrals in the world. The cathedral is about140 ft wide and 400 feet long. The renowned twin towers in front have387 steps from ground to its height and are 200 feet high. Inaddition, the architects made the Notre Dame’s roof with over 1,000lead tiles. Accordingly, the cathedral is called “the Forest”(Bottineau 1967).

Compared to the NationalCathedral’s 215 stained windows, the Notre-Dame has 315 stainedwindows. Therefore, Notre-Dame has 16 stained windows more than theNational cathedral in Washington DC. The entire Notre-Dame weighs150, 000 tons and its heaviest stone weighs 5.5 tons. The buildingtook 83 years under construction. Similarly, in comparison to theNational Cathedral’s 110 sculptures in Washington DC, theNotre-Dame cathedral has 112 gargoyles and 288 angels.

Similarly, whereas the NationalCathedral in Washington DC is 517 feet (158m) long and 301 feet (92m)high, the Notre-Dame is 130 meters long and 35 meters high.Therefore, the National Cathedral in Washington is 28 meters longerthan the Notre-Dame and 57 meters higher than the Notre-Dame.Moreover, whereas the National Cathedral in Washington DC has thelargest rose window with a width of 26 feet (8 meters) meters, theNotre-Dame rose windows have a 10 meter diameter. Therefore, theNotre-Dame has large rose windows in diameter than those of theNational Cathedral in Washington DC (Horner 2002).

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