Comparison of Two Composers in the Romantic Period


The romantic period is an era in history when there was a tremendouschange in musician status. Thus, romantic era is a symbol of rise inmusic program a time when musician became valued and respected by thesociety. In this study paper I will compare two musician of thisperiod their life and work. My two composers are Ludwig Van Beethovento Franz Schubert.

Ludwig Van Beethoven was a German musician and pianist. He remainsinfluential and crucial figures of romantic period. Beethoven is thefirst composer to make a living from his music without aristocrat andchurches being subsidized. Beethoven through his music elicitedpowerful emotions among his audience who attended his concert.

Franz Schubert on the other hand, was a solo voice musician whoperformed melody with a piano accompaniment. Moreover, Schubert waspopular for his symphonies and he wrote his first B flat major whenhe was 19 years old and it was a hit (Gibbs, 1997).

Similarity between Ludwig Van Beethoven and Franz Schubert are theyboth existed in the 19th century. The two guys Music showdirect and indirect link to the process used in composition.Furthermore, both composers used the same style and played piano. Thecontrast between these two musicians was in their composition.Beethoven compositional process involved drawing sketches and keptnumber of drafts. On the other hand, Schubert did not keep draft likeBeethoven which makes one think that writing music for him was easy.He simply acted out of impulse. Beethoven used a five step workflowwhen composing while Schuberts uses a four step process. Anothercontrast is on lyricism whereby, Beethoven uses the confrontationstyle while Schubert uses the unconfrontation style.

All in all, regardless of the kind of composer process used thepublic perception is what makes the composer process powerful.


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