Content Strategy

IdentifyContent and Functional Requirements

Contentconnotes the kind of information that will be contained in a website.Websites are created to avail information to end users on givenattributions of the host company. For instance, a service companywill tend to post its activities and other resources that may appealto its end users. The same is true to other organizations indifferent industries. Thus it is very important for website designersto assess the kind of information to be posted on the new websitebefore finishing up the project. The main question to ask is what isthe company offering? To whom is the company offering its goods orservices? Ones these questions are clearly answered the designerswill be able to know the structure of the new website (Kim, 2011).

Functionalrequirements describe procedures that would potentially assistindividuals tasked with planning, organizing, designing and operatingwebsites in an organization. A good website is that which allows afree interaction between different users at all times. Some of thefactors that illustrate a good website that has adopted properfunctional requirements include allowing easy access to information,offer integration of data , existence of direct links to othersources and a website deigned to minimize the amount of time datamanagement process is expected to take to its completion (Ab. Aziz &ampNoorizzuddin Nooh, 2013).

Joiningthe components (content analysis and functional requirement) a goodwebsite is that which is able to allow easy access to both managementand the customers. Some of the good websites in the market and EBay these websites allow an interaction betweencustomers and management and at the same time allow interactionsbetween sellers and management. Hence, it can be established thatsuch websites were created by following the formulated approaches andconsiderations of content and requirements analysis (Lv, 2014).

Groupand Label Content

Afterdetermination of the content and requirements analysis the next stepis to ensure that the content is organized in a logical manner toenable easier access and allow users to undertake any search ofinformation on the website with ease. Prior stages only come up withthe data necessary to input into a website, however, they do notprovide a clear approach on the way to arrange the data and offer animportant physical impression. The first step website designers oughtto undertake is to ensure that the website is segmented into portionsthat are easier to understand. For instance, the website is to bepartitioned into Homepage, About, Services, Users, Log in/ Registerand numerous other portions that may deem important for the parentcompany.

Onealso has to determine the number of pages the website is supposed toencompass. It means that the way the content will be distributed on agiven website is directly related to the amount of content and sizeof the website. If the content becomes too much, it will be prudentfor the website designers to consider coming up with more web pagesand ensuring that there is a coherent linkage between each of thepages (Lv, 2014).

Contentlabelling and formatting is a very important aspect in web design.Some colors are not supposed to be used in the background of thewebsite however, this may depend on the kind of activities a givenwebsite promotes. For instance, a website on environmentalconservation is not expected to have a black background, this isbecause it sends negative signals to the users. How will web usersview a peace oriented organization website decorated with red colorsin its background? Content is king however expression of the contentis another main aspect that builds on the king. Hence, after comingup with all the content for the website, it is important to sort allthe content into different categories for easier input and avoidanceof errors.

Contentand functions

Donot let the content of the website lie idle in the background,content is the greatest asset an organization can have on its websiteand it is very important to let it out to the users. Meaningfulcontent and well-structured data lures people to come to a websiteeven if they never planned to do that. However, in order to attainthat pull effect it is crucial as a web designer to determine andensure that all website functionalities are tied to the content. Forinstance, if it’s a bank’s website web designers must know how toestablish a link between online accounts to transfer relatedinformation and check balance statements. There must be that linkagein that if one clicks on a given statement in a form of a link, theyare effectively directed to a place they wanted to go. It is majorlyapplied in the registration link often times we find this statementon almost every website clickhere to register thisis a well-tailored statement that intends to offer a guideline towebsite users and ensure that they experience easier time (Zheng,2012).

Contentalso gets out of date, it is important to respect that. A goodwebsite requires constant updates as this will offer an importantbasis for organizations to attain their functionalities in themarket. Content and functions is well correlated to informationarchitecture of a given website (Ab. Aziz &amp Noorizzuddin Nooh,2013). According the Information Architecture Institute, informationarchitecture can be defined as theart and science of organizing and labeling websites, intranets,online communities and software to support usability.It is essentially illustrated as an art, this means that itencompasses creativity and modification without a certain limit given(Zheng, 2012). It is at this stage in web design that all types ofprofessions are required relevant to the organization. At this stagethe following persons are required content writers, website analysts,website designers and the users.


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