Critical review of the book Mere Christianity

Criticalreview of the book Mere Christianity

Thisessay focuses on Lewis C.J statement on dualism as illustrated in hisbook II (Mere Christianity). In this statement, Lewis argues thatGood god and Bad god never exist since badness needs goodness inorder to be in existence. Dualism refers to the view that there aretwo opposing but equal forces good and evil. It views and believesthat the world acts as a battle field in which the two powers engagein an endless war. The two powers are supposed to be independent.Some scholars believe that the two power existed from eternity andthat neither of them is a creator of the other. Lewis rejectsdualism he believes that God is all powerful and no other power canmatch his intelligence (Lewis 48). He gives dualism the credit forexplaining the unsatisfactory that is evident in the nature ofreality however, he believes that the concept would never suffice inthe world. He argues that God gave man free will that can be used toeither accomplish good or bad tasks. He further illustrates how freewill can lead to evil acts as well as to acts of joy and love (Lewis49). Lewis also illustrates how God gave man various tactics offighting Satan. He, therefore, conclude that dualism will neversuffice in the world since Satan can never match God’s power.

Istrongly concur with Lewis view on dualism Satan will never outdoGod’s power. Even if Satan has some power, he can never be equal toGod for he was created by God. Therefore, there is no existence oftwo opposing powers (good and evil) that are equal. The mostcompelling force in the entire universe is represented by God whileSatan represent a lesser force (evil) that cannot match the mightydeeds of God. Evil has and will always be rendered useless in thepresence of good.

Additionally,there are several doctrines that view the concept of good and evil(as two equal opposing forces) as completely a contradicting onesince it opposes biblical scriptures and beliefs. Several biblicalscriptures clearly outline and define good as the overall anddominant power in the entire universe. God (good power) is depictedas the sole creator of the entire universe, including Satan himself.This is a clear indication that Satan cannot create but only God can.

Infact, there are several bible prophecies and accounts that show Satanpower is limited and he must always ask permission from God wheneverhe comes to our lives. The account of Job is one example that showsSatan’s power limitation God allowed him to touch Job but warnedhim from taking away his life or soul. Thus, Satan can do nothing inpeople’s lives without permission from God. Indeed, God alwaysplace a divine hedge of protection around his children hence,Satan’s power and agenda can never outweigh this divination.

Undeniably,other biblical prophecies and accounts show that God has the ultimatepower to destroy Satan. God made Satan as one of his most powerfuland trusted angel however, when he went contrary to his will, he wasdismissed and rejected from this position. In connection to this,biblical scriptures show that Satan awaits judgment, in which he willbe destroyed in eternal fire when the end of times comes.


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