Critical Thinking and Its Application in Life

CriticalThinking and Its Application in Life

CriticalThinking and Its Application in Life

Thestudent feels that metacognition is important in solving a problem.Metacognition is the ability to be aware of one’s knowledge. It ismy opinion that for the mind to adapt to a particular program or wayof thinking critically, it needs training. It helps the students totake the required steps in solving a problem (Lifenthaler 2012). Thereason for this is that when cognitive strategies are used, one cancompare different pieces of information in order to come up with asolution to a particular problem.

Secondly,it is the concern of the student that the statement by Socrates that,‘the unexamined life is not worth living,’ introduces his life toan examination (Rappe &amp Kamtekar 2009). It is in his defense thatSocrates said those words. If one on a doctoral program would want toput his life under examination, isn’t that too much caution? Thiswill hinder him from being open minded in life.

Thefeeling that an unexamined life has no action does not aid inimproving an individual’s life. We do not dispute that the old waysof thinking were good, but they if we are to base it on Socrates waythen it is misleading. His way of thinking was based on morality thatis subjective. It is important to use objective means.

Examinationis more of putting one’s life on a scale to get the good and hardlessons. It is like saying that there is a manual on how one shouldlive their life (Williams 2011). Reflection enables one to know wherethey are and where they are going, offering lessons for the future.


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