Critique of a Research Dissertation


Critiqueof a Research Dissertation

Critiqueof a Research Dissertation

Thearticle “Creatinga Motion Capture Database for Human-like Computer AnimatedCharacters”by Juan Nader examines the process followed in the development of amotion picture database, its vitality to animators, the numerouspotential uses, as well as a research on the websites that offer datato animators. The dissertation was founded on the notion that everyhuman being acts, reacts and moves in a particular way, in which casethe dissertation would capture varied movements carried out by variedsubjects and collect data pertaining to the captures so as togenerate a database for the locomotion of every subject. However, itis well acknowledged that it would be less than beneficial for amotion capture database to be created and left as a dissertationproject. In essence, Nader sets the design, creates the guidelines,maintenance, techniques, workflow and contributing, with the entireproject, to create Oxford Brookes Motion Capture Database (Nader,2013, pp. 9). As much as the summary presents a pretty good picturepertaining to the basis of the dissertation and what will beinvestigated, I think it is insufficient as a summary of thedissertation. Indeed, an abstract should also summarize some elementof the methods and the results, as well as what the results mean.

Backgroundand Research Problem

Theliterature review for this dissertation is acknowledges that the term“database” would only be given in instances where the informationis accessible, organized and structured in one way or another. Theliterature review, in the case of this dissertation, examines themanner in which a number of the existing databases offer, manage anddeliver information. Some of the databases and software examined inthis case include, Maya software,,, and Carnegie melon Motion Capture Database. Of course,it is understandable that, since the dissertation revolves arounddesigning and creating Oxford Brookes Motion Capture Database, theliterature review would naturally examine the existing databases(Nader, 2013, pp. 13). However, it is noteworthy that the essence ofa literature review revolves around an account pertaining to what isalready published regarding a particular topic by accreditedresearchers and scholars. It does not amount to a straightforwardsummary of everything that an individual has read, and would not be achronological description pertaining to what the author discovered inthe field. Instead, it amounts to a chosen analysis pertaining toexisting research that is relevant to the topic and demonstratingclearly its relationship to the investigation. This is not what theauthor has done in her literature review, rather he has justsummarized the aspects of the varied websites under examination(Nader, 2013, pp. 13). It should also reveal the contribution thatthe investigation makes to the field, while also offering evidencethat would be helpful in explaining the subsequent findings. Nohypothesis or research questions have been defined in the literaturereview, nor would one say that the sources have been rigorously used.Indeed, the main references in the literature review are thedatabases or websites themselves, in which case it would be difficultto ascertain the authenticity of the information provided as none ofthem have been written by scholars or researchers on the topic inquestion.

ResearchMethods and the Design Process Management

Themost distinctive part of this dissertation is the methodology part,which details the techniques that will be used in setting up thedatabase and collecting the information. The author also provides acredible justification for the methodology used in creating thesystem through examining the efficacy of the software used in otherdatabases. On the same note, the author has provided a cleardefinition of the characters, where they were derived from, thefeeding of information to the database, planning and setting up ofthe system. The information is also complemented by images andpictures of the instruments used, as well as a layout or plan for thesystem. In the entire dissertation, it is evident that the authorpaid the most attention to this particular portion, as shown by thecomprehensiveness of the information given. With such information, itwould be difficult for any researcher who wishes to replicate theresearch to be lost. Of course, the dissertation does not outline anyethical issues pertaining to the research, although there may beissues pertaining to the privacy of members whose movements aremonitored.

Qualityand Importance of Conclusions

Theauthor does a pretty good job in examining and outlining thelimitations and constraints that the project faces. These includelimitations of equipments and even expertise of the researchers(Nader, 2013, pp. 47). Nevertheless, it is evident that the outcomesrelate to or flow directly from the project, especially consideringthat the author presented a step-by-step outline of the methodology.On the same note, the author gives realistic suggestion for futurework, primarily flowing from the research done. Future research, inthis case, would entail the efficacy of embedding other features suchas additional tabs, Unity plugin, tag-search among others (Nader,2013, pp. 53). It is evident that the conclusions made flow from theresearch made, which essentially underlines the usefulness of thisdata.


Nader,J, 2013. Creating a Motion Capture Database for Human-Like ComputerAnimated Characters. Dissertation


Thearticle “Creatinga Motion Capture Database for Human-like Computer AnimatedCharacters” explores the process followed in the development of a motion picturedatabase, its vitality to animators, the numerous potential uses, aswell as a research on the websites that offer data to animators. Itis based on the notion that every human being acts, reacts and movesin a particular way, in which case the dissertation would capturevaried movements carried out by varied subjects and collect datapertaining to the captures so as to generate a database for thelocomotion of every subject. As much as the dissertation is prettycrucial, its literature review falls short of the expectations.Indeed, the literature review primarily explores other existingdatabases that may have useful or similar features. However, suchform of literature review, while being somehow relevant does not meetthe criteria for a proper literature review, which would entailgiving an account pertaining to what is already published regarding aparticular topic by accredited researchers and scholars. It does notamount to a straightforward summary of everything that an individualhas read, and would not be a chronological description pertaining towhat the author discovered in the field, which is what the author hasdone. Nevertheless, the description of the methodology does justiceto the dissertation, as it provides information pertaining to thematerials used, as well as the planning and execution of the researchcomplete with pictures, images and layouts of the same. All in all,the paper comes in handy in detailing the crucial aspects of theproject, especially with regard to future prospects or development.