Current Events International Law and Marijuana


CurrentEvents International Law and Marijuana

CurrentEvents International Law and Marijuana

Thearticle reports on the global debate on the legalization of themarijuana. According to Reuters (2014), some states in the U.S arepushing to legalize the buying and sale of marijuana as a good.However, according to the international law, there are some good thatare classified as illegal for either trade or consumption ofmarijuana among other substances of abuse. While the states in theU.S have the authority to make some laws and authorize sale of somegoods and services, these laws are not supposed to conflict with theestablished international law.

Inthis event, the UN Anti-narcotics Agency is laying a clear guidelinethat the legalization of marijuana will be against the internationallaw. This article reports the incompatibility of the new state lawswith the international laws. However, the laws have not been passedin the states yet, but there is a genuine concern of the UN Agencyover the state laws. This is because some states like Oregon andAlaska have experienced activism from citizens seeking thelegalization of marijuana (Reuters,2014). Reuters (2014) cites thecontravention of the international law by Uruguay in 2013 by passingthe same law, against the 1961 global convention to prohibit thedrug.

Thestory brings forth the issue of compatibility of local laws with theinternational laws as well as federal laws in large economies likethe United States. While a law is made for the benefit of the peoplein a country, it should not violate the rights of others orinternational law. The proposal by some states like Oregon and Alaskatherefore illustrates a point of conflict between different laws.However, international laws, especially business laws should dominateover the state and country laws because they protect the interests ofthe larger majority at the global level.


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