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Democracyin Political Platforms: Memo


Democracyin political platforms: memo



Democracy in Political Platforms

Democracy hasdeveloped as a fundamentally contested notion within the framework ofpolitical contexts especially as used in Western Societies. Opposingparties weigh contrasting criteria of its submission and one grouprejects the ideas of the other party thus, its authority lies in thepower of people to elect governments through reasonable elections.Connolly (10) supports what W. B. Gallie asserts in definingessentially contested concepts that people have committed to partlydiscrepant conventions, ideas, and likely to interpret shared notionsin rather different means, for example, they will agree to call a setof practices a ‘democracy, but sometimes disagree with one partyaffirming while the other denying. On the other hand, politics haveshaped people’s lives and reasoning differently and provided anunequal society for people. Cohen (52) affirms that black people havea different opinion on subjects such as rap music, abortion, and sexand these opinions or norms incline to collide with describedcomportments among many in this cluster. People have drawn asynonymous line between black people, sex, and rap music as blackpeople have developed a close association with the subjects. Cohen(53) asserts that although rap music and sex may not representexplicit outlines of politics, they undoubtedly illustrate the moraland political judgment and comportment expected of participants. Inthis regards, the subjects may help explain the ethical policies ofyoung black people.

The similaritybetween moral politics of black people and the harmony expressed indefining democracy may seem constrained, but the two contextsdemonstrate the political platforms as developed by the majority.Democracy applies the reasoning of the majority while respecting therights of the minority thus, highlighting the politics of blackpeople helps to reveal the contested notions in democracy. On theother hand, contested concepts means that people have not developed aharmonious platform to explain these notions thus, people haveconstrued individuals who lack ethical judgment, as assessed bydevotion to overriding values and standards, as deficient citizens.In fact, they assert that the deviant behaviors of these peoplethreaten both their progress and the progress of the nation. However,Cohen (52) contends that most of these young black people denouncethe conduct of their peers especially in engaging in early sex, butsurprisingly they have a high inclination to engage in suchactivities.

The notion ondemocracy and the comportments cultivated by young black peopledemonstrates the lack of representation within the larger society. Infact, Connolly (14) affirms that politics is a complex notion thataffects the decisions or outcomes of people’s reasons. In addition,Connolly (14) asserts that people have developed other concepts todefine instances in life and group people or reasoning in certainclusters, which have intensified democracy. However, this democracydoes not compares to the welfare of the people or the harmonyexistence among people, but show the different levels of reasoningthat exist among people. In this regards, the high number of youngblack people who have engaged in early sex, had a pregnancy orimpregnated someone, or had an abortion provides a context on thelevel of representation in detailing the complexity of the saidsubjects. In this regards, Cohen (91) asserts that the general levelof acceptance among people on the moral stand of black peopleconcerning the said subjects has contributed to lack of politicalalignment in moral standards and norms among the blacks. On the otherhand, although people regards to black people’s behavior asdeviant, the blacks demonstrate a very strict moral code when itcomes to abortion and premarital sex. This means that though peoplehave shaped conceptions and principles based on the reasoning andbehavior of the majority, it does not mean that the majority actsmorally right or they have developed the best standard for thebehaviors.

On the otherhand, the existence of ethical notions reflects the normativestandpoint through which people express their opinions or grievances.Connolly (24) asserts that if people disregarded their standpointfrom which they form their opinions, then they would lose theircapacity to judge the applications of the said concepts. In thisregards, politics act as the conveyance through which people expresstheir contests upon grouping themselves. In fact, Cohen (91)demonstrates the correlation of politics and reasoning by showingthat the majority constructs standards through which they can judgepeople on their political correctness. For example, Cohen’s pieceof literature reveals the behaviors of young black people asperceived by the majority and the construction that the majoritydevelops concerning the behaviors. Today, people still contest on thecorrectness or dominion of democracy and draw lines that shape thedifferent opinions of people according to developed standards thus,despite the political constraints available, people should use theimperfect agency and constrained prudence to work through moralimpasses. In fact, by understanding the reasoning and actions orbehaviors of other people, the minority can use their prudence andimpartial agency to construct behaviors that ensure support for theirlimitations. In this regards, the construction of a representativepolitical platform within the different reasoning contexts can helpin allowing people to obtain solutions to their predicaments.


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