Descriptive Statistics




Usethe attached output screen to identify the mean, median, and mode ofthe height data.




Ina Word doc, write a brief paragraph that tells your instructor whatthe mean, median, and mode are for the data and what these might meanfor a researcher.

Themean for the data is 69.2. It is calculated by summing up all theheights and dividing it by the number of people in the sample, thatis 692 divided by ten. Mean is therefore the average for the wholepopulation. For a researcher, the mean is usually a measure of thecenter of the data. It is one of the most common measures of centraltendencies (Hendricks, 2014).

Medianfor the data is 69.5. the median is calculated by arranging the datain order from the smallest value to the largest value then you selectthe figure in the middle or an average of the figures in the middlefor data sets with even numbers. For a researcher, this is anothermeasure of central tendency that a researcher can use when the dataset is consisted of ordinal values.

Modefor the data is 62.0. the mode is the value that occurs the mostnumber of times in a data set. A researcher will use median to showthe most common or popular category. Note however that the modecannot be used reliably as a measure of central tendency because forsome data sets, like continous data sets, it is unlikely that onewill find values that are exactly similar.


Wetcher-Hendricks,D. (2014). AnalyzingQuantitative Data: An Introduction for SocialResearchers.Hoboken: Wiley.