Developing the skills for Questioning


Developingthe skills for Questioning



Questionsare important tools of communication in any circumstance. They helpachieve improvement, learn, finding the solutions and leading toinnovations among others. It does no matter the situation one is inlife, age or background. If one possess powerful skills ofquestioning he will accomplish more. In every conversation, thereare questions that help one gain more information (Deborah,2010).Most of the celebrities, politicians and entrepreneurs have succeededbased on their questioning skills. It is important to developquestioning skills by understanding the interviewing techniques andusing them appropriately. A person cannot be a good communicator ifhe lacks interviewing skills. The primary function of developingquestioning skills is to obtain information. Using appropriatetechnique helps one to gather the required data (Deborah,2010).

Theother importance for developing questioning skills is that they helpmaintain control of the conversation. People who ask questions in anyinterview are in control of the conversation, and they gather all theinformation using questions (Deborah,2010).Further, they assist one to know more about the person beinginterviewed. Questions are mainly used to clarify a point thusreducing misunderstanding. This leads to an effective communication.

Developingbetter questioning skills helps explore ideas, feeling and attitudesof the respondent. They enable one to understand the difficultiesbetter that others are experiencing (Deborah,2010).In the majority of the institutions, questions are used to ascertainstudents’ knowledge. On the same point, they are also used toencourage and keep the attention.

Developingquestioning skills apply to my reading and research because they opendoors to ideas and creativity. These skills have enabled me to thinkdifferently and deeper during research conclusions. They promotecreativity and sharing of ideas that helps improve performance(Deborah, 2010). In addition, these skills have empowered me, and Iam more engaged in my work. In my reading and research, these skillshave increased my sense of motivation and the greater self-awareness.


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