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Arescholars the same as learners?

Someof the concepts that will be considered are the similarities betweenthe scholar and the learners as well as the differences between thetwo. There may be great misunderstanding between the two but thiswill be well differentiated here. The similarities can be consideredin terms of interest while differences are in terms of passion aswell as in research

Thereare various similarities as well as differences between a learner anda scholar. When we look at similarities, both the learner as well asthe scholar, are interested in academic learning whether naturalsciences, social sciences, humanities or mathematics and engineeringsubjects (Wilcox&amp Tomei, 1999).

Onthe other hand the differences between the learner and the scholarare many. These are the learner finds out the basics of a particularsubject matter on his own while scholars are enduring academics whohas a passion for learning that is manifested through collaborationwith other enlightened scholars in the field of interest, in researchparticularly in psychology. In addition, scholars are persons whousually plow through the body of knowledge thereby adding newinformation through their active research in response to queries thathave manifested through past research works. Learnersare motivated by grades whereas scholars are inspired by learning,deep as well as profound moments of learning.


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