Discussion of the Filming Questions


Discussionof the Filming Questions


SubjectLine: The Nollywood filming is not as developed as Hollywood asevident in the cost of producing movies between the two.

Filminginvolves the practice of fundamental principles that encompass theIndustry globally. However, there are differences between filmingindustries in different countries all over the world (Phillips,2009).Nollywood and Hollywood are two examples of filming industries thatare different from each other. The fundamental difference between thetwo film industries is the cost of filming the movies. In Hollywood,the cost of producing a movie is high and the returns from the filmin the box office are also high. This is because industry is welldeveloped and the actors are received with a lot of honor and respectby the public. Globally, the Hollywood actors are celebrities on theglobal stage, making the career in Hollywood a lucrative profession.

Onthe other hand, the Nollywood acting is not as lucrative. The cost ofproducing a film is relatively low since the industry is not asdeveloped as Hollywood (VIDEO,2008).For instance, Nollywood uses rented hotels and homes to shoot theirvideos. The quality of their films is not as high and so is therevenue by the players in the industry. As a result, the actors arenot regarded highly by the public compared with the Hollywood actors.


SubjectLine: A movie should be relevant to the community by addressing theissues affecting the society

Theidea that moviesshould address the issues that affect the society and culture is avalid assertion about the film industry. This is because a movie ismade by people based on the creativity that emanates from the life’sexperiences. According to Skoll, a film should not only be made forthe sake of entertainment, but also to change the society (VIDEO,2007). Skoll observes that the movie industry has had severalsignificant impacts on the society in the past, and the same shouldbe reflected in the future.

Themain purpose of a movie is to pass the message that was intended tothe target audience through the entertainment of a story line. Amovie is meant to entertain the audience with the content of the film(Phillip, 2009). Therefore, the responsibility of a filmmaker is tounderstand the community and develop the content of a film that isrelevant to the society. Therefore, a filmmaker should explore theissues in the society and relate to them in the movie.


SubjectLine: Despite the difference in storytelling for entertainment andlearning, the storyteller is more important in the exercise

Storytellingis one of the most powerful ways of teaching and learning frompeople. At the same time, storytelling is a fascinating entertainmentprocess that engages the storyteller and the audience (Thompson,2003). Therefore, there is a difference between stories told forentertainment and stories told for learning purposes. This is becauseeach of the stories told contain different content for the twopurposes.

However,being a good story teller is important in learning and instorytelling. This is more important than having a good story totell. This is because a good storyteller can turn any story into alearning lesson. Moreover, a good story teller can turn a story meantfor entertainment into a story for learning. According to Phillips(2009), the plot of a film forms the story line that the film makerpresents to the audience. Therefore, the story teller becomes moreimportant to the entertainment and the learning process than thestory being told.


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