Donate One Pint; Save 3 Lives

DonateOne Pint Save 3 Lives



Whatis the noblest thing a capable human being ought to do upon seeinganother man’s life in danger? Obviously, it is expected that theone with the ability to save the dying one should and can only dothat. Unfortunately, this is not the case currently as evidenced bythe number of needless deaths occurring due to a shortage of blood.Well, what worsens is that a mammoth of crowd could save these livesbut has somehow chosen a different action. This is a kind request forblood donation for a US-based organization- America’s Blood Centers(ABC) to be precise.

Currently,at least one person in every two seconds in US needs blood, and whilethis seems like a tall order, it is can be achieved easily.Interestingly, one does not need to donate as much as blood as isoften thought. As a matter of fact, one pint usually saves at leastthree lives and this is the only request being made here (ABC, n.d.). Now, picture a hundred people donating blood at ABC it means atleast 300 American residents would not die prematurely.

Rememberthat for every life lost, the world is, in essence, losing anopportunity to be better because the dying person has a lot to offerto the world. The people dying are teachers, businessmen and otherimportant people whose contribution to the society is enormous andirreplaceable. Imagine a doctor or a teacher dying for lack of bloodyet someone could save this life. It means that thousands of studentswill have to miss out on the teacher’s unmatched expertise. What ifthis teacher’s life could be saved and the students benefit fromthe knowledge offered?

Sadly,only 10% of the people eligible to donate blood are currently doingso yet out of every seven patients at least one needs blood (ABC,n.d.). Some concerns are raised concerning this initiative with someciting delays in the transfusion process. However, with the latesttechnology at ABC, this no longer needs to be a problem. Any personwho is willing to donate blood will only spend a few minutes sinceABC has assigned more resources to this department. Safety concerns?Well, it is expected that at a time when blood transfusion is one waythrough which HIV is passed, these fears are genuine. Nonetheless,the equipment used at ABC for this process is very safe, and this isevidenced by lack of any complaint about ABC. Therefore, safetyconcern and delays are not obstacles anymore.

Theprimary objective of every human ought to be a show of care in fact,this why every human being wants to be successful. Individuals workhard to ensure their families are satisfied in all areas, meaningthat there is a deep desire in every human to show a caring heart. However, no man can ever succeed without some help- however little-from a fellow human being. Therefore, by donating a pint- only apint- this action will indeed go a long way to making this worldbetter.

Actually,the donation of blood is not what many people perceive whereby thereis a misconception that a lot of blood is drawn. On the contrary, atABC there is a provision where a donor need not donate “wholeblood”. Instead, one could be asked to donate red cell, plasma orplatelets depending on the blood group (ABC, n.d.). See? It is nolonger hard to donate blood especially at ABC because here the donorhas the right to choose what to offer.

Ladiesand gentlemen, ABC has over 6000 centers across 45 states where onecan donate blood and over 3,500 hospitals are direct beneficiaries ofthis initiative (ABC, n.d.). I beseech you, visit any of thesecenters, donate blood and help save hundreds of people. Whenimportant individuals die, the society mourns this is an opportunityfor everyone listening here to stop the mourning. This is possible ifeveryone listening will make the right decision of visiting any ofthe centers and donate whatever quantity of blood they are capableof.

Tosum it up, three lives could be saved by a pint of blood from a donorwhose safety concerns are well addressed at ABC. It is notheart-warming to learn that only a small percentage of people offerblood despite the eligibility. The fears of safety and tediousprocess have, hopefully, been allayed because the technology used atABC is pretty fast, and equipments used in transfusion are alwayssafe. Words are not enough to reiterate the need for everyone hereto donate blood at ABC, but suffice to say, lives will be lost orsaved by the decision each person makes after this speech.


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