Outbreaksof virus disease in Africa: the beginnings of a tragic saga


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Section2. Next make a clear simple statement in a few sentences about whatkind of article you have chosen. Some articles are general reviews ofinformation on a particular topic, some are reports of new research,some are social commentary or economic analysis of a new technologyetc. The title may not make it clear what kind of article you havechosen, so you must figure that out for yourself. Make a clearstatement of that information.

Thisarticle is a general review of the new findings in global health withspecial reference to . It offers an update on findings on theecology of the viruses, mode of transmission. It is apparentthat the article does not focus on a specific area relating to but exemplifies different factors such as what is , who are atrisk of contracting the malady, deaths in West Africa and theGlobe, cultural practices that increase the chance of contracting, precautions, medical gear to prevent infection and what healthcare givers can do to control the infection.

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virus is described as a native to East and Central Africa thatbelongs to a group of viruses of the Filoviridaefamily. The newest member of this family referred to as Lloviucuevavirushas recently been isolated in Spain from bats. isdescribed as a fatal viral infection, the most salient symptoms beingdiarrhea, fever, general body weakness and muscle pain and in severecases internal and external bleeding. Fruit bats have been identifiedas the main reservoir of the deadly virus. The initial humancontagion emanates from direct contact with infected bush meat, andusually happens in deprived and remote areas. Secondary transmissiontakes place at hospitals, homes and funeral functions as a result ofdeficiency of preventive measures and due to lack of adequatetraining of healthcare givers.

Thecomplex diagnosis, the resistance of the affected population anddisinclinationof local government and health department explain the sluggish andlimited reaction to the outbreak. It is also the main factor behindthe fast spread of the virus that has become hard top curb. In theabsence of effective disease management mechanism, the detection ofan outbreak calls for measures to break the transmission chainat the hospital and community level, while at the same timerespecting the norms and traditions of the community affected,putting the wish of relatives into consideration to accompany theaffected person in a bid to restore people’s confidence.

Itis noted that West Africa has been epicenter of the epidemic where ithas claimed more than 5,000 lives. In West Africa has turnedout to be a major health issue because of the challenges encounteredin stopping its spread. The recent outbreak of has beenparticularly challenging because it has affected health workers andeven caused death. Most of those who have contracted the diseaseover 70 percent have died and this has increased panic amonghealthcare givers who fear for their life. The situation has beencompounded further by the fact that many of the worst hit areas suchas Liberia and Guinea are poor developing states with dysfunctionalhealth facilities. In additional, they lack a clear local strategyand machinery to help in arresting the situation, in remote areaswhere illiteracy level is over 60 percent of the total population.

Section4. Next, try your very besttofind the relevance of the article to the readers. To whom is itrelevant and why?Is it relevant to MD`s and why is it? Is it mostrelevant to the general public? Why so? Is it important to everyoneor only to a few specialized researchers? How does the article relateto readers? Why is it of interest or use to the audience?

Thekey target audience of this review is health care workers includingdoctors, paramedics and nurses. The information provided in thisreview is also important to intermediate healthcare workers who areresponsible for epidemic control.The information offered in this article is also relevant to thegeneral public because this virus can infect and affect any one inthe planet. The article offers ways through which people can preventthe spread of and measures that can help address the scourge.It also provides a list of protective gear that people coming incontact with those infected should wear. poses a threat to allpeople and it is crucial that all people from all parts of the globeare aware of what , its symptoms, risk factors is and how toprevent its spread. The fact that has been declared by WorldHealth Organization as a public health emergence of internationalconcern just illustrates the seriousness of this scourge.

Section5. Write ashort paragraph about the relationship of the article tomicrobiology. Even if the involvement with microorganisms seemsobvious to you, take the time to make it clear. What has the articleto do with microorganisms? (If you can`t do this part, choose adifferent article!)

Microbiologydeals with all types of microorganisms including bacteria and viruses virus belongs to the family of viruses referred to asMononegavirales. All viruses cannot be seen with naked eyes and callfor the use of microscope. As mentioned in the article, viruscaused tremendous bodily harm to human and is spread directly throughcontact with body fluid and indirectly through contact with infectedenvironment, and it has a relationship with microbiology because itis discussing about a microorganism, and the interaction with humansand environment.

Section6. Finally give your personal response to the article. Did you,personally, learn anything new from it? How convincing was theinformation? Do you think the data were meaningful and reliable ornot very good? Was the article clearly written or hard to read? Weregraphs, diagrams or data tables easy to understand or confusing?Would you recommend the article to others? Who and why? Explain yourreasons for your opinions.

TheInformation provided in this article is both reliable and convincing.The data used is derived from World Health Organization an agency ofthe United Nations which is a reputable body. The graphs provide aresuccinct illustration and clearly indicates in the simplest waypossible the prevalent and countries affected by . The data isalso congruent with that offered by other sources and I wouldrecommend the article to all people who would wish to find out thethreat that poses to the world. The article not only describeshow is spread and its origin but also discusses how people,health care providers, organizations and governments can avoid spreadof . It is of utmost importance that everyone is well aware ofthe existence of and how to protect oneself, family andcommunity from .


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