Effects of Information Technology

Effectsof Information Technology

Effectsof Information technology


Technicalknow-how is very crucial for good manager in the field of informationtechnology. This is because it enhances better communication anddecision-making. Most employees especially those in the informationtechnology regard employers and managers who can understand theirlanguage. This facilitates good relationships between managers andemployees and creates ground for innovation in most corporations. With the ever-advancing technology, managers in the IT field mustalso ensure that they keep up with what is current in order for themto remain relevant in their fields. A manager who is equippedtechnically is also in a better position to come up with better backup strategies in the case where their product development plans andgoals fail (Griffin, 2007).


Wecannot deny the enormous benefits of technology in our world today. Technology has impacted almost every sector of our economies fromhealthcare to education and the business world. In mostorganizations today, it is almost impossible to operate without up todate facilities and modern communication. Information technology hasinfluenced all aspects of human life, and in a way, we cannot dowithout technology. As much as technology has its disadvantages,like reduced labor force, frauding of online services and increasedcosts in installation of modern facilities, the advantages outweighthe disadvantages. Therefore, corporations should aim at dealingwith fraudsters and putting in place strict rules and policies thatwill serve to maintain the integrity of online services (Nambisan,2010).


Technologyhas played a crucial role in globalization. We cannot mentionglobalization without mentioning information technology this isbecause IT has led to many scientific discoveries and improvedcommunication among people from different continents within a shortperiod of time. Many businesses today can compete globally due tothe advanced technology. For instance, most services and productsare offered online save to the ever-advancing technology (Schultz,2009).


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