Effects of the Affordable Care Act

Effectsof the Affordable Care Act

Effectsof the Affordable Care Act

Earlyon in the month of February the congress discussed the effects of theaffordable care act and specifically the effects the act would haveon the American labor force. The findings of the report lead to aheated debate among republicans and democrats. Republicans arguedthat the act would drive people out of their jobs. Democrats, on theother hand held their ground that the act would give the labor forceability to resign from jobs that they have been locked into in orderto enjoy the health care benefits that comes with the employmentcontract. According to the congressional budget office analysis, theaffordable care act would allow Americans to stop working for longerhours due to the subsidies that comes with the act and also theprovisions of easier access to healthcare. This, according to thedirector of the congressional budget office analysis would enablemore Americans to spend more time with their families. Cutting downon working hours, according to the republicans would have a negativeimpact on the economy. As the reduction in working hours would reducewages and ultimately affect the amount of taxes collected by thefederal government. Democrats argue that the act would deal with theissue of ‘job lock’ as employees would feel flexible moving fromon the job to another without the fear of losing their healthinsurance. Democrats also argued that this would allow the creationof more job opportunities and also create more disposable income.They based their argument on the fact that industries would belooking to find more employees to cover the hours forfeited by otheremployees.


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