Entrepreneurship 101 – Business Foundations

Entrepreneurship101 – Business Foundations

S.H.I.F.T.TMWorksheet 6 – Define Criteria


Why Is This Important?

Is It a Priority?

Power and levels to participate

This will be able to enable selection of dedicated stakeholders.


Maintaining balance of interests

Interested stakeholders will be chosen


Determining composition of the decision making group

Good decision making techniques will be adopted


Deciding how representative will be selected

Increase coordination of the stakeholders

Not priority

Selection through member voting

Stakeholders are able to be given a chance to undertake what they value

Not priority

Organize member meetings

Familiarize the stakeholders to the needs of the organization


Creation of a forum for exchange of information

Enhance interaction between different stakeholders

Not priority

Third party consideration

Offer unbiased analysis of the business

Not priority

Interact with high interest, high power stakeholders

Offer a basis for proper business communication channel to its stakeholders


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