Environmental Awareness Campaigns in U.A.E


EnvironmentalAwareness Campaigns in U.A.E

Theliterature reviews below will take into consideration theenvironmental awareness campaigns in the United Arab Emirates. Thearea in question is an area that experiences the hot and dryclimates. The conservation of the environment, therefore, needs to bean item that is close to the hearts of the residents. Severalcampaigns have been undertaken to try and make environmentallyconscious people. The efforts have been documented by a number ofscholars while others have been written as newspaper articles or evenas blogs.

Thefirst article is one entitled the Clean Energy Awareness Campaign inU.A.E. The article is written mainly to try and create awareness onthe need for clean energy in the country. The article is a study onthe use of clean energy as well as the impact of the energy on theenvironment. The article mainly relies on secondary sources of datain its study. The evidence in the report is also based on in-depthinterviews carried out by professionals and their views on cleanenergy (Asward 2013). The article states that most of the cleanenergy awareness campaigns focus on the demand side of energymanagement and tend to overlook the need to enhance the knowledgeabout the energy sources that are used. The article also identifiesand explains that the campaign would succeed if messages targeted atspecific people were to be embedded in the drive. It also providesrecommendations on policy so as to create extensive awareness aboutthe need for clean energy as a means of conserving the environment.

Thesecond article is one that goes by the title “The Role of NGOs inTackling Environmental issues. The article mainly incorporates thepart that the non-governmental organizations have to play in theUnited Arab Emirates. It also sheds light on the crucial role thatthese organizations have to play in terms of helping the countryovercome the environmental hurdles it faces. The article recognizesthat the organizations have been an integral part in improving thestate of the environment in the country. It also focuses on thechallenges that the entities face in the process of creatingenvironmental awareness. The article also places importance on theresearch that is carried out by some of the organizations so as tocome up with sustainable solutions. The article also explains thefinancial hurdles that the organizations face in the process ofcreating environmental awareness (Mubarak &amp Tanzeed 2012).

Anotherarticle that focuses on the environmental awareness in United ArabEmirates is “An analysis of health status of U.A.E: The significantfour public issues.” The material adopts a different approach tothe awareness crusade. It looks at the awareness campaign from theperspective of the effects of the environmental degradation in thecountry’s health status. The article has its roots in peer-revieweditems and other direct sources such as hospitals (Loney et al. 2013).The report states that health is affected by some external factorssuch as environmental factors. It also makes certain recommendationson what needs to be done to educate people on the relationshipbetween health and environment.

Thefourth article is one on “Emirates wildlife society in associationwith the WWF celebrates ten years of environmental action in U.A.E.”The article focuses on how WWF has influenced environmentalconservation. The organization is a leader in matters pertaining toenvironmental protection. The group has raised awareness in thecountry about the need to protect the environment. It has also helpedto tackle climatic change in the area (Emirates Wildlife Society inAssociation with the WWF Celebrates 10 Years of Environmental ActionI 2011).

Thelast article is on under the title “Dubai faces environmentalproblems after growth.” The piece is a newspaper article that shedslight on the issues that the environment is undergoing has a resultof growth in Dubai. It states that natural resources have beendepleted to a great extent. Water has been affected significantlysince the salinity levels have raised. The article recommends thatthe nuclear energy should be adopted as the alternative source ofenergy. It also states that the building industry should adopteco-friendly methods (Alderman 2010).


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