Inmatters concerning politics in Ireland, there is a parliamentdemocracy whereby the President and the two houses makeup theNational Parliament. Elections are conducted every five years to votefor House of Representatives. A total of 60 member’s makeup thesenate of which 11 are selected by the Prime Minister, 6 nominated bythe Universities and 43 elected vocational panels. Moreover, thePresident is elected after seven years with the current PresidentMichael D. Higgins. The legal system in Ireland is made up oflegislature, judiciary and executive that work under guidance of theIreland constitution (Blashfield, 2002).

Theworking culture in Ireland is considered in working, and peopleshould shake hands when they meet. In addition, if they are in ameeting they should all shake hands. The Irish style of communicationhas changed to an art form. It is due to their use of stories andanecdotes to convey information valuing a crafted message.Communication style when working varies from direct to indirectlydepending on who you are talking to. Business meeting in Ireland hasdifferent cultures as in one setting the aim of the meeting may be toconvey information on already made decisions. On the other hand,another organization may meet to get feedback and input. Workinghours in Ireland in a week should not exceed 48 hours for theemployees (Blashfield, 2002). The offices are often opened from 9.00am to 8.00 P.M on the week while some few hours during weekends. TheIrish law requires employees to have a minimum of 20 days leaveannually.

Theculture of working in Ireland is different from that in United Statessince in Ireland many working hours start at 9.00a.m to 8.00 p.mwhile in U.S work start at 8.a.m to 4.30 p.m. Employees in U.S aresupposed to work only for 8 hours a day. Some Companies in UnitedStates restrict the gift-giving while in Ireland gift is crucial forthe people are friendly.


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