Film Discussion Questions


FilmDiscussion Questions

Discussion1Subject Line: A great filmderives its value to the audience by having the conent that relatesto themOutsidethe entertainment, films have a strong educational value. Peoplelearn from films by relating to the content of the film and using itto get lessons from such films. A film with educative value inspiresor challenges the viewer by introducing a new element of life thatthe audience do not have. In addition, films have historical value.They tell of the experiences and societies of the time they werecreated for. Moreover, films have communication value by passinginformation from the directors to the viewer. The value of studyingfilm is therefore to acquire the ability to analyze films and acquirethe values and information that the film has.Agreat film constitutes of good content that is relevant to the targetaudience. In addition, a great film constitutes a consistent subjectline with a logical flow of scenes and storyline (Phillips, 2009).Moreover, a great film has good visual elements that communicates thecontent to the viewer and captures the interest of the audience.Recently, I watched a documentary called “The Men Who BuiltAmerica,” and it is a great film. To conclude, it as a great film,I considered its content that is planned with a good historical flowfrom the first feature to the last. In addition, the film has anexcellent combination of visual elements to help today’s viewer tounderstand how America was built after the civil war. Discussion 2Subjectline: This film gives a good reflection of the importance films insparking social change.Thisfilm provides a concise but a rich information that attracts theintention of the audience. This is because the film focuses on thecontent and information that relates to the society. According toPhillips (2009) a film should communicate with the audience aboutissues that directly affect the society. This is the main element ofthis film that makes it relevant and appealing to the audience. Inthe film, Jeff Skoll describes the importance of making movies thatmake change in the society.Thistalk reveals how a movie director was inspired to produce movies andfilms that have an impact on the community by invoking social change.By focusing on the participants of a movie that joined to advocatefor the rights of women, the film presents the change that the filmindustry can create (Video, 2007). As a result, the film thatparticipants created, influenced the formation of a law to protectwomen`s rights. Discussion 3Subjectline: This film provides a powerful tribute to the growth of theNigerian filming Industry.Thisvideo is a good in the presentation of content by creating a logicalflow of ideas and information. In the film, the director, FrancoSacchi ensures that the information about the Nigerian film industryis well captured. The film assists the viewer to first understand howthe film industry in Nigeria is and how it impacts on the audience(VIDEO,2008).This provides a good introduction to the content of the film and theobjective topic.Thisvideo provides a clear description of the growth of the industry inNigeria by providing third party information. According to Phillips(2009), a good film should provide the reasons why the featuresincluded are relevant to the plot. The inclusion of clips ofNigerians appreciating the industry is an effective element ofcommunicating the information to the audience from the primarysource. Therefore, Sacchi describes his own reason for the interestin the Nigerian film industry, which vindicates the reason for thefilm. Discussion 4Subject line: Philips providesa comprehensive learning material for those intending to succeed inthe filming industryThebook provides rich information about the film industry and the valuethat it provides to the society. By focusing on the films thatstudents and instructor learn from, the book provides the mostappropriate content that learners should explore about the filmindustry. By including the unique study tools, a film provides aninformational platform that develops the skills of analyzing films(Nichols, 2010). The book also provides information that helpslearners to understand the medium of various varieties of films.

Thebook provides a comprehensive and detailed content about the elementsof a good film. The book further describes the constituents of a goodfilm as well as the styles that should be included to make a filmappeal to the audience (Phillips, 2009). This makes the book a richsource for the study of films and the value of the film industry inthe society. Moreover, the book provides content aboutcinematography, editing skills and knowledge about sound prowess.


Subjectline: the analysis of the miseen scèneprovides an excellent basis of analyzing a film and learning fromevery video

Thischapter provides a rich introduction to film and the techniquesinvolved. To cover the content of the chapter comprehensively coversthe miseen scène.The chapter discusses the theatrical arm of filmmaking by coveringthe sting, the subjects and the composition. The chapter describessetting as the place where the action of the film takes place in arealistic location. In addition, the chapter focuses on the time andthe place where characters interact to provide the audience with areflection of the reality.

Accordingto Nichols (2010), subjects in film constitute of the characters andthe performers in the film. The characters include both the fictionaland non-fictional subjects that the chapter explores in terms oftheir relation to the plot of the film. By analyzing miseen scène,Phillips (2009) asserts that effective filming is an interaction ofthe casting, music, characters, setting and composition of the film.By covering the composition element of filming, the chapter gives acomplete guide to an introductory content to the content of the book.


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