Film Log





1.Lagaan(AshutoshGowarika, 2001)

Aspectof double temporality

Lagaandepictsthe Indians receiving harsh treatment from the white men. This isevidenced in the film when the whites and the Indians are competingin a game of cricket. If the whites win, the Indians are expected topay three times the year’s tax. However, the aspect of doubletemporality features prominently. This is where the white westernwoman’s role comes out different from that of the white man in thatshe is concerned with the Indian society and her aim is to promotemodernity and process of westernization among the Indian men andwomen. This is confirmed in the film when she trains the Indian menon how to play cricket to help them avoid the unfair treatment fromthe white men. She also shows women how to be modern by directingthem on how to dress well and how to please their men.

Thescene that stuck with me is that of a white woman training the Indianmen on how to play cricket. Initially, I thought people from the samerace should have the same objective. This film shows how women play arole in ensuring cultural agendas are carried out. In this century,women’s image still represents emotional currency that acts as amotivator on fear and the desire for gender identity. White women inBollywood cinema are portrayed as vamps in that they are used inproducing erotic pictures and films. The audience usually likeswatching those films of white nude women and this helps in buildingsexual desires among the Indian men who can enjoy being with theirwomen and the women are taught on how to satisfy their men byembracing modernity.

In the contemporary society, significant change has occurred amongyoung people in their sexual activity. This is triggered by the factthat they can easily have access to films and galleries of undressedwomen some even acting porn movies, which have affected their sexualdesires, and they carry out adolescent activities such as heavydrinking, graffiti writing and listening to western music.

Inconclusion, the white women facilitates westernization and modernityin India because her influence is seen in traditional roles of menand women. Men now fear that they may lose power to women when theyare confronted with sexual desires for women. The white woman isassociated with power related to modernity and her role suggests ourreluctance to exploitation, oppression, and abnegation.

2.Edge of Heaven(Fatih Akin, 2007)

Aspectof location change

Akin’sfilm demonstrates paradigms relationships of the east and the west,that is, in Germany and Turkey. Germans are talented in literatureand music, while the Turkish focuses on the bible making theircultures different. The film shows how the Turkish people value theirreligion. For example, Nejat reveals his childhood story about howGod ordered Abraham to sacrifice his only son. The residents ofTurkey believes that Germany is not a country to migrate to becausethe German culture is not embracing religious diversity. Some Germansmigrates to Turkey to seek education and they are referred to asGerman Jewish. The education system of Turkey changes the Germanculture and the way they perceive things because Turkey has developedup to a point where they have their own Airlines flight.

TheEdgeof Heavenis useful to prove that the city provides space for newidentifications and social movements of individuals are played out.The aspect of location change comes out clearly. This is evidencedwhen the film opens and the aforementioned travel is introduced. Itdoes so with great deal of ambiguity. The scene that stuck with me isone where the film shows Nejat in a journey to the city. The filmtreats the city as a site of changing identifications. The deathsexperienced in the film represent hatred that exists between the twocountries and they are voids that lead to unions in charactersinstead of cementing the old ones.

Throughthe Edgeof Heaven,Turkey is now portrayed as a home for all characters while in Germanythe immigrant’s characters are limited to certain extent. As thefilm ends, Nejat is featured giving lectures to college students andAli visiting brothels. The two are now occupying very different worldbecause they are tolerant. The film teaches us to be tolerant andmaintain good relationship with others.

3.Dothe Right Thing(1989) with excerpts from his Jungle Fever (Spike Lee, 1991)

Aspectof African American film

Theaspect of African American film comes clear where Flipper Purity, asuccessful and happily married architect, discovers that anItalian-American woman known as Angie has been hired as thesecretary. This does not please him because he wants anAfrican-American secretary. The Film captures a scene were Flipperand Angie are working late at night and they are talking aboutcooking. As they continue working together and talking, theyeventually play sex. However, the affair is seen as problematicbecause Angie is white and Flipper is African American. It is a taboofor whites and blacks to have an affair.

Thescene that stuck with me in the film is where Flipper and Angie movesin together. Even after encountering many problems and even beingdisowned by their parents and rejected by friends, they still soldieron representing determination. I see this film to have provoked anissue about the political and social life of Americans. Gator’smother is the only one who does not want to discuss the matterbecause she loves her children. I expect the reverend doctor to talkto his children using Biblical quotes instead of killing his son justbecause the son’s behavior is not pleasing him. Parents should talkto their children when they go against what is expected of theminstead of just disowning them. The film portrays racism that existsin America and how the black and the whites distance themselves fromeach other.

Evenafter being forgiven by his wife, Flipper is not treated as expected(by the wife) because she tells him that sex is now temporarily fixedfor desire of pleasure because sex will not solve the problem that ithas created. The whole film revolves around the blacks and whites andhow they treat each other. This also affects their politicalaspirations because blacks cannot get support from the whites.

4.Easy Rider(Dennis Hopper, 1969)

Aspectof non-conformists film

Theaspect of non-conformists is clearly shown where Billy and Wyatt aredrug smugglers and this is their major source of income. Aftersmuggling drugs from Mexico, the two bikers rides towards New Orleansand they are stopped at Commune where life seems so hard for theresidents there. While at Commune, the two bikers receives harshtreatment from the police and the residents. The bikers are thrown injail because they lack permit to ride along the streets but Georgewho later becomes one of them helps them and is introduced tomarijuana. While in the restaurant, the girls wants to ride with thembut the locals and the police makes some racist and mocking remarks.In the middle of the night, the local men brutally attack the bikersinjuring them badly.

Thescene that stuck with me is the harsh treatment received by the twobikers. It is clear that people in the rural areas values theirculture too much to an extent that they are not free to move from oneplace or town to another. This becomes evident when the bikers arearrested for not having permits to ride in the streets and arerestricted in associating with the women in the restaurants. Thisfilm shows how life was in the 60s.

Themain idea generated from the movie is freedom. It also demonstrateshow hatred resulting from racial differences is perpetuated. Thisleads to destruction of peace as evidenced when the locals and thepolice make racist and mocking comments and even attacks them atnight resulting in a fight where the bikers and other locals areinjured. This could lead to deaths and fear among the non-residents.

5.The Sapphires(Wayne Blair, 2011)

Aspectof race

TheSapphiresrevolves around the aspect of race. Gail and Cynthia are youngsisters. Dave and Kay are their partners in acting movies. Sapphireis the name of the group and they are known for their success withthe crowd but the infighting that exists among women is a threat tothe group and it might be torn apart. Kay struggles to maintain hermulti-ethnic identity because the light skin is what makes hersuccessful in joining the white culture. Dave is in love with Gailbut does not have the opportunity to tell her. Instead, he writes aletter to Gail and asks her to open it later. This is before Dave iscaught in crossfire and shot. The story ends when Dave, aftersurviving from the gunshot, marries Gail.

Thescene that stuck with me is where young girls leaves their communitywith the hope of entertaining people from another community andbecome big stars. Kay struggles to maintain her multi-ethnic identityin order to maintain her success in the white culture. Racism inAmerica is portrayed in this film and it shows how Aboriginal peopleare treated in the country. They are not allowed to entertain theAmerican people because the Americans have negative attitudes towardsnon-Americans.

TheSapphireshas achieved by winning several local and international awardsbecause they have light skin. The politics of representation of theAboriginal people is offensive. The laws of America have notconsidered the Aboriginal people making them feel rejected in thecommunity and thus will do anything possible such as maintainingcolor to be part of the community.