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SimcityEDU:Pollution challenge

Thisis an interesting game that places the player to be the mayor of acertain large city. The player is required to build and found a citywhile at the same time adhering to the budget, maintaining itsinfrastructure and maximizing the well- being of its citizens. Mayorsof the cities are required to provide the utilities such as power,water and waste management and also providing an appropriate level oftaxation. The game has six missions thus increasing its complexity.Each mission has a unique goal for growing city’s infrastructureand expanding its economic vitality which thereby minimizes theenvironmental impact (Caplan, 1998).

HowSimCity: Pollution Challenge reflects the society and culture inwhich it is created

Thisgame mimics the entire society from the leadership role to the roleof the average person. Since you as the player, you are the mayor ofthe city and you are provided with responsibility of ensuring thatthe city expands and grows. This is the exact responsibility of theMayor in a real city. The mayor is responsible for regulating thetaxes in the city thus ensuring that the citizens are safe and happy(Hamilton, 2011). The game is an exact reflection of the city andmost nations across the world. The game provides social understandingand global awareness and the player gets to learn about his/her rolein the society.

Thesocial Element influence this game

Thegame is influenced by a number of elements in the society. Theelements make the game to be more educational while at the same timefun. The game nurtures and develops the thinking skills of theplayers and the players are able to analyze the evidence theyencounter in the game (European Games for Health Conference et al,2013). The game also equips the player with problem solving skillsthe player is able to solve the problem that the game issues for thedevelopment of the city. The game also enables the player to thinkcritically about the decision that he/ she is about to make.

Thegame also provides knowledge to the player about the about theresponsibility that he/ she has to the society. The player is able tolearn from the consequences of the mistakes they make in the runningof the city. The game also assists the player to make rational andwise decisions which make them conscience of the society (Haugen,2008). The game also assists the player to be respectful to other.

Whatdoes this game tells us about the society in which we live in?

Thegame is fully integrated to relate to the society, and we can learn alot from the game. The game enable us to learn that a city isinter-connected and decision that someone makes and can lead todrastic consequences to the environment and city at large (Schoutenet al, 2013). The game is very helpful in creating awareness aboutthe city, and as a result we get to learn more about the cities andlearn to appreciate our city (Engs, Barnes &amp Wantz, 1975). Thegame also shows us that every aspect of the society is important andjust like the body function through interconnectivity so is the city.The proper functioning of all sectors means that the whole societyfunctions properly.


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