Gender Stereotypes



Theconstruction of gender stereotypes in the modern society isoverrated. Traditionally, boys are known to be masculine, sexuallyaggressive, tough, strong, and all other attributes that areassociated with masculinity. On the other hand, women are known to besexually submissive, weak, emotional, and all attributes offemininity. These stereotypes have been inscribed in the socialcultural aspects of the society and are exhibited in the media everysingle day. In the movies, video games, adverts, on television,billboards, magazines, these gender stereotypes are evident. Theideal sexy body of a woman for example is a thin, white, and blondehair woman with a tabular body. As a result, individuals arecompelled to behave in a particular way or are stigmatized for notbehaving as per gender stereotypes or societal expectation of theirrespective gender. Adults are the role models for children and learnfrom what adults do. In the current mispresentation of women as sexobjects or inferior over the male gender is perpetuated throughgenerations. To eliminate the limiting gender stereotypes, thesociety must accept individuals with their potential withoutobserving their gender.

Theview of women as dependent and men as independent is a genderstereotype which has affected woman in their social loves as well asin the workplace. A woman rising through the ranks is usually seen ashaving no merits or having depended on men for such achievement.Whereas women are equally working their way to the top of thecorporate and political world, an area that was dominated by men,gender stereotyping is still evident. There is need to realize that,women are equally capable like men and can achieve as seen in thevideo clip where four girls are destroying the women stereotypes byproofing tough.

Masculinityas depicted in the media and the societal perception of an ideal manalso affects the way children grow. Boys are always inclined towardsviolent games and those activities that show dominance over women. Inthe Star Wars, the boys watching star wars learn masculine beingmasculine. They learn being dominant over girls and these traits areinscribed in their adulthood. The media plays a great role inproducing these gender stereotypes. Games that are produced forchildren as well as movies rated for general viewing or for childrenincluding cartoons need to be redesigned to avoid genderstereotyping. There is need to balance between themes and genderroles. Over representation of certain stereotypes is harmful to thesocial well being of the people. For example, children growperceiving certain stereotypes as appropriate. Boys are not supposedto submit to defeat as seen in games, they are supposed to aggressiveand tough. This may hurt them in the future. They may not be able toshow emotions, which is an important aspect in communication.

Theextent of gender stereotypes in the society is detrimental to thefundamentals of child development and education. The fact thatchildren are stereotyped right from childhood and continue to learnfrom the society about their gender roles makes determines theirchoice in life. A girl may be hindered from taking up an engineeringcourse in school, despite having qualified or the passion to pursueit. As a result, people end up being frustrated for trying to conformto societal perception of gender roles. The society needs to stopgender stereotypes and gender roles and allow children to be whatthey want to be. In the video clip where women were modeling toappear on cover, they were made to look ideal and sexy. None of themwas happy with the result because they perceived the stereotype anappropriate. The acceptance of women as sex objects has been depictedin media to an alarming extent and if nothing is done it will ruinthe society view of women. People need to be vehement in their beliefand should not allow stereotypes to hold them down to achieving theirdreams.

Conclusively,gender stereotypes in the society are as old as mankind. The modernsociety has exaggerated these stereotypes despite the development inknowledge, technology as well as economic status. There is need forstakeholders in education, technology development and policy makersin general to address the issue of gender stereotypes. This will notonly enhance the education of children, but also help in thedevelopment of industry since more people will have open mindsregarding jobs and industry. The stereotyping of women as sexualobject especially has seen women being used for commercial gain byadvertisers. This has hurt the image and confidence of women who feelthat they do not meet the requirements of a sexy woman. As a result,they face exploitation from marketers who want to make them feelgood. To overcome this, women need to accept themselves the way theyare and work towards reaching their potential in life without beingheld back by gender stereotypes.