General Rules



Weare faced with situations in our day to day life that requires us tomake decisions. This may involve choosing between two or more coursesof action. Some people only rely on their reasoning and intuition tomake decisions. However, it is important to follow some guidelineswhenever you are making decisions to avoid making terrible decisions.This paper discusses the general rules of decision making.

Listall possible solutions

Comingup with a list of possible solutions may involve brainstorming orhaving other idea generating information. This will guide you to makea choice from predetermined choices.

Settinga time scale

Itis important to consider the available time you have to make adecision. It is important to make your decision within the allocatedtimeframe. It is also important to consider whether spending moretime thinking of the solution will improve the quality of thedecision.

Responsibilityfor the decision

Itis important to know the person to take responsibility for thedecision. It is not always true that people who make a decision willtake responsibility for it (Bottiand Ann, 2006). If the responsibility for the decision lies with you,you have to ask yourself whether you are willing to takeresponsibility in case you make a wrong or right decision.


Itis important to make sure that you gather sufficient informationabout all the variables involved in decision making. This will helpyou consider all the variables and possible outcomes.

Makingthe decision

Afterconsidering all the available courses of action, time needed to makea decision, determine who will take responsibility for the decisionand gathering all relevant information it is time to make a decision.Consider the course of action that will be fair to all the partiesinvolved and whose pros, overweight the cons.


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