Global Supply Chain Management and the Supply Manager

GlobalSupply Chain Management and the Supply Manager

GlobalSupply Chain Management and the Supply Manager

Everysuccessful organisation can count some of its success from effectiveglobal supply chain management. Indeed, supply chain process drivesthe financial performance of organisation. The global supply chainprocess is the flow of goods and information from the raw materialsource to final consumer through distribution channels. In somecases, the supply chain goes beyond to recycling and disposal. Peoplespend so much time executing supply chain management as anunparalleled mean to influence company’s competitive advantage(Gereffiand Lee, 2013).Today, the fierce competition in the marketplace is due toglobalisation, technology, and availability of information.Therefore, for an organisation to fit in the competitive market, itshould collaborate with supply chain management in order to optimizeprofitability.

Dueto globalisation, organisations are competing globally by dealingwith international suppliers and consumers worldwide. Today, supplymanagement is making a great difference in the global market. Forinstance, the supply chain manager is forcing suppliers and client towork together, and supply-chain managers are conducting their dutiesin a new way. Initially, supply-chain managers were just likepurchasing officers who dealt with familiar suppliers, and they hadfew goals. Now, as organisation globalise, these managers makedecisions that involve networks of partners in different parts of theworld. In the meantime, the fierce competition is forcingorganisation to collaborate with suppliers to assist them developproduct in a quicker way, as well as minimize waste in the supplychain. According to Giunipero,Handfield, and Johansen (n.d),technology is forcing suppliers and client to work together hence,it is easy to share information and monitor orders. Further, thesupply-chain managers have a lot of responsibility. Therefore, theyneed new sets of skills to handle the complex and criticaltechnology.


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