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November 14, 2014

Topic:Cuba calls for sustained development support in Africa

Theme:Globalization/ Geopolitics

OnNovember 13, preceding the UN General Assembly, Cuba expressed thatnotwithstanding the support to battle the Ebola plague, Africa needsorderly formative backing. As indicated by PL, Rodolfo Reyes, Cubandiplomat to the UN, expressed before the worldwide association, &quotItis paramount to act against Ebola, yet similarly fundamental isassigning, in a supportable and auspicious way, human resources,materials and money for the advancement of Africa.&quot

Reyesexpressed that solidarity has portrayed Cuba`s relations with Africain excess of 55 years, with more than 76,000 associates who haveoffered their administrations in 39 African nations, he expressedamid the session, in which both David Nabarro UN uncommon emissary onEbola, and leader of the Ebola Emergency Response mission (Unmeer),Anthony Banbury, talked.

Asper Reyes, the same soul of solidarity showed over decades drivesCuban support endeavors in Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea-Conakry,countries hit by the flare-up which needs to date, brought about verynearly 5,200 passings and 14,000 cases, 60% of which have beenaffirmed by research center tests.

October 23, 2014

Topic:Government accountability to the people


Morethan 25,400 area responsibility gatherings of People`s Powerdelegates with their voters have occurred, as of October 21 – 95.4%of those booked to date, as indicated by Miriam Brito Sarroca,secretary of the National Assembly.

Sheincluded that all districts in every territory are arranging thesefourth and last gatherings, ordered for delegates chose to the XVPeople`s Power term, which started in November of 2012. Amid thegatherings held in the nation`s 14,537 appointive regions, People`sPower representatives and agents educate the number of inhabitants intheir work and get criticism and suggestions from subjects.

Theresponsibility process started October 1, and will proceed throughDecember 21, a period amid which an aggregate of 76,813 gatheringshave been arranged, to furnish the populace with the chance toassociate with their delegates, at an area inside their neighborhood.

Britoclarified that a couple of gatherings have been drop because of harshclimate, electrical disappointments and hierarchical issues, whichwill be tended to in a matter of seconds, however the lion`s sharehave been held, with the investment of more than 50% of regionvoters. She called attention to, on the other hand, thatparticipation was lower in a few zones of Havana and Matanzas andthat interest regarding suggestions from the populace did not meetdesires.

Anissue which NationalAssembly President Esteban Lazo Hernándezhas stressed is social indiscipline, which a great many nationalshave likewise tended to, distinguishing such issues as the expansionof unlawful garbage dumping demonstrations of vandalism on openphones and offices zoning infringement open request issues,including detached creatures and boisterous music too infrequentresistance with fumigation efforts.

October 1,2014

Topic:Wind farms in Gibara provide 15,000 megawatts

Theme:Industrial Development

Thewind ranches found in the region of Gibara have helped 15,000megawatts/hours to the National Power Grid

JoséPifferrer, chief of the StateBase Unit (UBE) Wind Generation,highlighted that Gibara-1 and Gibara-2 established in 2008 and 2010,separately, as trial wind ranches, now give 30% of the region`svitality needs.

Heincluded that the utilization of wind vitality in the north of thearea has helped more than 4,000 tons of petrol being spared.

Therenewable vitality zone additionally helps the security of thenature`s turf, given that it has quit radiating more than 11,000 tonsof carbon dioxide and other nursery gasses into the environment,which quicken an Earth-wide temperature boost, expressed the chief.

NorelisPeña, organizer of the common project for the insurance of theozone, underscored that among wind vitality`s important profits tothe earth is its commitment to lessening the span of the gap in theozone layer, a satisfaction of the Kyoto Protocol, affirmed by theUnited Nations in 1997 and backed by Cuba.

InCuba a system is underway to use vitality renewable sourcesincluding biomasses, sun-powered radiation and water, which help thesatisfaction of the Economicand Social Policy Guidelines of the Revolutionsanction by the Sixth Congress of the Communist Party of Cuba.

Asindicated by the World Wind Energy Association`s website page, theutilization of wind to create electrical vitality is utilizeduniversally as a part of in excess of 80 nations, fulfilling 1.5% ofthe world`s vitality needs.

October 29, 2014

Topic:Clear Rules and a Favorable Environment for Foreign Investment


TheECLAC Executive Secretary alluded to the potential for Cuba to expectmore noteworthy levels of remote speculation, notwithstanding aprovincial connection stamped by a stoppage in capital inflows.

Sheguaranteed that the nation offered an exceptionally good environmentfor venture and noted the dynamism that the Portof Marieland its SpecialDevelopment Zoneought to give.

Speculationlooks for three principle qualities she said. The primary is thebusiness sector on offer, and Cuba is profited by its geologicalposition and the capability of stretching its ports. The second iscommon assets, as is the situation in the majority of the nations ofSouth America.

Thethird and last region said are the human resources, which Cuba hasfurther bolstered its good fortune.

Notat all like whatever is left of Latin America, Cuba`s human resourcesare wide. This is an essential condition for the remote venture. Theblend of human, expert components, with speculation, brings aboutfewer exertions as far as needing to accumulate faculty from outside.

&quotThereare clear runs,&quot Bárcenas expressed as for the new enactment.She highlighted its straightforwardness as far as desires, thesegments that are interested in speculation and those that aredefinitely not.

&quotItlikewise states how to handle work and wages. Somewhere else this isnot examined, and that has created issues,&quot she included.

&quotMullingover the Foreign Investment Law in conjunction with work law (TheLabor Code) one can unmistakably perceive how it is ensuring the mostessential viewpoint, the individuals. Toward the end of the day, thisis accomplished for the welfare of the individuals.&quot

&quotCubahas the chance to realize numerous lessons from what our locale hasencountered as far as outside venture and to evade the sameoversights.&quot

Shesaid the capital landing on the Island will be embedded into anadvancement arrange that is attempted as an inseparable unit with thegeneral population. &quotAt the point when individuals are noteducated and not included, outside venture reasons clash.&quot

Shehighlighted that energizing segments are opening up, for example,renewable vitality, nourishment creation, and development.

Shechiefly esteemed the conceivable outcomes in the pharmaceutical andbiotechnology commercial ventures. &quotCuba has a one of a kindquality in the locale and that is the generation of medications,compelling pharmaceuticals for a geographic region in which mostnations are net merchants.&quot

Bárcenaspraised the sort of collaboration that the Cuban country has with thedistrict in the field of wellbeing and portrayed the interest in theMore Doctors program in Brazil as auspicious and compelling.

Sheincluded that different illustrations, for example, that as of lateseen in Bolivia, with experts prepared in Cuba who are currentlyactualizing preventive pharmaceutical there, are confirmation thatthis is a trade of individuals, as well as a trade on methodologiesto wellbeing.

Inaddition, she highlighted the effect on the worldwide group of the&quotcement and right&quot reaction of Cuba to battle Ebola in WestAfrica.

October 29, 2014

Topic:United States Losses More Than Cuba With The Blockade


Bárcenaslikewise talked about the UN vote censuring the U.S. barricade onCuba. She expressed that the U.S. government has a chance totransform its approach that would have enormously positive effects,as it would open up space for monetary, political and social changesin both nations.

&quotCubais right now an exceptionally inviting environment for newspeculation and types of generation and it would be to a great degreevital for the financial drives in the United States to partake inthis. There are a few divisions that are now requiring the bar toend.&quot

Shenoted the advancement made around there additionally highlighted thesetbacks, as seen in the extraterritorial application of the bar andthe money related badgering of banks who work with the Island.

&quotIaccept that Cuba has figured out how to oppose in excess of 50 yearsand has created its particular gainful methodology. Today the UnitedStates misfortunes more because of the bar than Cuba do.&quot

September 18, 2014

Topic:Cuba praised for social development


DeputyExecutive Director of the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP),Ibrahim Thiaw, portrayed his visit to Cuba, in which he had thechance to see the ecological and social advancement activitiesembraced in the nation, as both a benefit and a joy.

Identifyingwith Granma not long after finishing up his visit to the island,Thiaw expressed that it is critical for whatever remains of the worldto gain from Cuba`s illustration in a debacle alleviation.

&quotForthe sake of UNEP we are content to help,&quot said Thiaw,highlighting the association`s ability to support Cuba inside and outconceivable to impart its involvement in catastrophe aversion at auniversal level.

Heexpressed that the fundamental goal of his visit was to look at thework being carried out in Cuba and investigate, together withauthorities, potential outcomes for future joint effort, consideringCuba`s criticalness in the Caribbean and among creating countries.

IbrahimThiaw additionally stressed Cuba`s deliberations in socialadvancement. &quotWe have seen adhesive cases of reasonableutilization and creation, which is a vital issue for UNEP we metranchers who produce nourishment without the utilization ofagrochemicals we went by a biosphere save, where we had the capacityadmire the aftereffects of 40 years of proceeded with work for itssafeguarding,&quot he expressed.


Theissues covered by the Granma International newspaper depict theprocess of globalization in Cuba. The newspaper talks about sensitiveissues affecting the region of Cuba from different perspectives. Forinstance, different articles talk about geopolitical themed topicswhile others talk about environmental and population growth in Cuba.

Thefirst article talks about Cuba’s involvement with an internationalcrisis in its move to support the battle against Ebola. The articleshows globalization by reporting that Cuba understands that Africaneeds international support. Additionally, the newspaper shows thatit is paramount to act against Ebola since its effects can affect theworld’s economy. This shows that Cuba is interacting with the worldto help fight the crisis affecting different parts of the globe. Thisinteraction shows that Cuba embraces globalization.

Thesecond article talks about Cuba’s Government accountability to itspeople. The article reports on the government move towards supportingits people from harsh climatic conditions that affect theagricultural sector, electrical challenges, and hierarchical issues.The article talks about recommendations made in gatherings allthrough the nation, so far, number very nearly 31,000, just about alarge portion of which can be determined within the group itself,while others require an organization reaction or arrangement. Amongthe issues frequently raised are open lighting, the state of roads,phone administration, water supply, sewer issues, garbageaccumulation, and building repairs.

Thearticle “Cuba praised for social development” on September 18,2014 shows that there is ecological and social advancement activitiesembraced in the nation. In addition, Bárcenas praised the sort ofcollaboration that the Cuban country has with the district in thefield of wellbeing and portrayed the interest in the More Doctorsprogram in Brazil. In addition to the case of Cuba to battle Ebola inWest Africa, Cuba is steps ahead in the move to strengthenglobalization.

Moreover,Cuba’s system which is underway to use energy from renewablesources including biomasses, sun-powered radiation and water, whichhelp the satisfaction of the Economicand Social Policy Guidelines of the Revolutionsanction by the Sixth Congress of the Communist Party of Cuba canattract international investors strengthening the spirit ofglobalization.

Additionally,the article entitled “Clear Rules and a Favorable Environment forForeign Investment” depicts that international investors can beattracted by the favorable geological factors. Cuba is profited byits geological position and the capability of stretching its ports.The second is common assets, as is the situation in the majority ofthe nations of South America. Moreover, Cuba has human resources thatCuba has further bolstering its good fortune.

Thearticle recounts that not at all, like whatever is left of LatinAmerica, Cuba`s human resources are wide. This is an essentialcondition for the remote venture. The blend of human, expertcomponents, with speculation, brings about fewer exertions as far asneeding to accumulate faculty from outside.

Inconclusion, Globalization is a reality and Cuba is quickly beingglobalized. In any case, its pioneers are attempting to characterizethe country`s corner in that world commercial center.Ricardo Alarcon, the president of Cuba`s National Assemblyargued that a person could not be against the history`s movement.,All these are factors that show Cuba is region that is growing, andglobalization is evident in the selected articles of the GranmaInternational Newspaper.


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