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Tali Herdevall. The lion’s share. Dated: 27thNov 2014. Retrieved from:

This article focuses on the equality between genders and highlightsthe plight women as a minority group. The campaign is managed bywomen of Lion of Judah Israel and fights for the empowerment of thegirl child and women in general. The group of women in theassociation helps the girl children who are in distress. Forinstance, the campaign educated nurses at Herzog nursing hospital inJerusalem. Most of those who benefited were from Ethiopia and theyregistered high levels of esteem after the course (Herdevall, 2014).The group supports women in terms of economic development and alsosupports new immigrants. This is a clear indication of how thearticle focuses on the issue of cultural diversity with regard towomen and immigrants. The support for women who are a minority groupand immigrants indicates some level cultural diversity and tolerance.

Hartman, B. (2014). Central Israel experiences rainiest Novemberin 20 years. Dated: 27th November 2014. Retrievedfrom: receives-more-rain-than-in-past-20-years-383058

The main focus of the article is the heavy rains that have rockedthe central part of Israel in the month of November. Accordingmeteorologists, the rains witnessed in November are some of thehighest in a period of 20 years. Police warnings have been issue overtravelling to places which experience flash floods (Hartman, 2014).The rainfall has been said to be twice what is normally expected inNovember and December with some places such as Negba in the northernNegev receiving 268mm of rain in the month of November alone. This isclearly an environmental issue that calls for caution and obediencefrom the public to avoid any damages.

Siegel-Itzkovich, J. (2014). Slight reduction in HIV in Israel in2013. Dated 27th November 2014. Retrieved from: HIV-in-Israel-in-2013-383036

The article’s main focus is the rates of HIV and Aids in Israel.According to the article, the rates have slightly reduced in the year2013 with 476 cases as opposed to 486 in the previous year 2012.These rates are lower than the one in America and Western Europe.Additionally, the rates are also extremely low compared to the onesrecorded in African developing countries. The government is said tobe doing great work in trying to deal with the disease. This throughthe provision of medicines and prevention measures through creatingawareness amongst risk groups such as the homosexuals and drug users.The government also focuses largely on the immigrants who come fromrisk areas such as Africa (Siegel-Itzkovich, 2014). This is a socialissue in the country that must be dealt with through cooperation byall the stakeholders

Bob, J. (2014). Supreme Court Judge Salim Jabraun: There is noequality for Arabs in Israel. Dated 27th November2014. Retrieved from: News/Supreme-Court-Judge-Salim-Jabraun-There-is-no-equality-for-Arabs-in- Israel-383047

This is an article that focuses on the aspect of cultural diversityand equality. Supreme court justice Salim is quoted in the articleclaiming that the Arabs in Israel are mistreated and harassed and donot get equal treatment as other people. The article stipulates thatthere are huge gaps in employment and education, as well asallocation of building spaces. There is competition from the Jews whoare the majority. The conference that Salim attended was set aside bythe justice ministry to solely discuss issues pertaining to the Arabsin Israel (Bob, 2014). Calls for dialogue between communities weremade and the construction of schools that would house both Jews andArabs. This is an article that focuses on the issue of culturaldiversity and tolerance of the minority groups.

Elis, N. (2014). Housing Minister pushing to allow Gazans to work inIsrael. Dated 27th November 2014. Retrieved from: pushing-to-allow-thousands-of-Gazans-to-work-in-Israel-383046

This is yet another article that focuses on the issue of culturaldiversity and tolerance for the minority groups. The constructionminister Uri, is calling upon the government to allow Gazans to workin Israel for the first time since 2006. This is a call for toleranceand cultural diversity. It is evident from the article that theGazans are highly needed by the construction sector in Israel whichis experiencing a shortage of employees (Elis, 2014). It is, however,worth noting that the government is yet to adopt the proposal fromthe minister due to the terrorist activities that are rampant inJerusalem.

Hoffman, G. (2014). Majority expected to support bill dispersingKnesset. Dated 28th November 2014. Retrieved from: Diplomacy/Majority-expected-to-support-bill-dispersing-Knesset-383085

The article focuses on a political issue in which the Prime MinisterNetanyahu wants to push for a bill through the Knesset to haveelections early next year around March. It is abundantly clear thatNetanyahu has gained enough support from the members (Hoffman, 2014).The reason behind the call for an election, the article says, is thestate of the coalition government where one faction keeps criticizingthe same government that they serve. This is a geopolitical issue andthe prime minister depends on his support parties from the left blocwho would support him.

Essay on diversity and globalization

Almost all the articles discussed above touch on the theme ofdiversity and or globalization. The article where the constructionminister calls on the government to allow Gazan construction workersto work in Israel is one of the primary articles touching on theissue of diversity. It is evident that the Gazan workers will be aminority in Israel but the minister for construction is calling fortolerance and peaceful co-existence between the people (Elis, 2014).It is clear from the article that the minister is not concerned aboutthe origin of the workers, but their ability to offer skills in theconstruction industry. is also an aspect that isevident in this article. has enabled people to workanywhere in the world and to interact with one another freely as aresult of enhanced communication platforms available. Gazan workerscan work in Israel due to the element of globalization.

The article titled “There is no equality for Arabs in Israel”by judge Salim of the Supreme Court is another article thathighlights the plight of the minority groups. It is evident thatIsrael is a predominantly Jewish country and the Arabs are a minoritygroup. As a result, the Arabs have been oppressed and harassed by themajority community (Bob, 2014). A conference that was held by thejustice ministry to discuss issues faced by the Arabs in Israel wasthe first of its kind. The Arab community in Israel felt appreciatedand believed that the government is concerned about their plight. Itis evident from the article that the Arabs are always shortchangedwhen it comes to opportunities in the employment sector, educationand allotment of building spaces by the government. They are alsosubject to police harassment and stereotyping. The Supreme Courtjudge who attended the conference was convinced that it was time forthe government to act and stop the oppression and harassment againstthe Arabs.

The judge called for dialogue between the communities in order tocreate an understanding between the two communities and hence createa peaceful co-existence. It is also prudent to have schools whereboth the student from the Arab community and the Jewish communitylearn together. This will enhance the understanding between thestudents and promote peaceful co-existence (Bob, 2014). This is adiversity issue that faces the country and that requires toleranceand appreciation of each other’s cultural beliefs and values, aswell as respecting them. The issue of globalization is also imminentin this article. The Arabs and the Jewish live together as a resultof globalization that enables inter-cultural co-existence.

Lastly, the article titled “The lion’s share” is one ofthe articles that focus on gender as an element of diversity. It isabundantly clear from the article that women are seeking forempowerment and girl child has been forgotten. The campaign by theLion of Judah Israel women seeks to help the distressed girls andimmigrants to acquire economic freedom through projects such aseducating them (Herdevall, 2014). This is a clear indication of theaspect gender as an element of diversity. Women are viewed as theweaker sex and the minority group. is also representedin the article where there are immigrants being helped. It is alsoapparently clear that the program started in America but later spreadto Israel through the aspect of globalization.


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