Gold Reling Inc. Distribution Channels


GoldReling Inc. Distribution Channels

GoldReling Inc. Distribution Channels

Tomake the new Tablet PC more readily available and accessible toconsumers, Gold Reling Inc. can use distributors and the internet.Distributors of computers, mobile phones and tablets includingtelecommunication companies make a perfect distributor for the newTablet PC. The distributors are well established and have a mechanismfor marketing products. With customer loyalty that these distributorshave established, the new Tablet PC will be readily available toconsumers, and at reasonable price since the distribution channel issimple and without intermediaries. Besides, the internet offers thebest distribution channel for Tablet PC as customers can order directfrom the company, hence avoid middlemen, which makes the manufacturerto be in touch with the customers directly (SaVinhas &amp Heide, 2014).

Distributorsare usually large corporations with a huge clientele base. Thedistributors can be able to distribute the new Tablet PC at a reducedcost as they sell in large quantities. This will help Gold RelingInc. to maximize its profits while giving customer’s value fortheir money.

Theinternet on the other hand is the best channel for the marketing ofthe new product. The increasing online shopping, the company canleverage on direct marketing. The profit margins from thisdistribution channel can be relatively higher than from distributors,as the company sells directly to customers.

Distributorsare specialized in the marketing of a given line of products and arein the best position to market the new Tablet PC. In addition, theinternet has an extensive coverage and offers the customer theopportunity to familiarize with the products specifications readreviews from other users hence make an informed decision.


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