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Textingand Drunk Driving

Mobiledevices popularity has come with some dangerous and unintendedconsequences. Talking and texting blindfolds the driver such thathe/she is not in control of the vehicle. It takes the driver’sattention away such that a terrible accident can occur in a matter ofseconds. This puts the driver together with the passengers at agreater risk of serious injuries or even death. Consumption ofalcohol leads to impaired judgment of the driver making him loseconcentration on the road leading to high chances of accidentsoccurrence. If we desire to control accidents that results fromtexting and drunk driving, we have to understand the damage itbrings.

Ourgroup took up this issue in our remix, and undertook to convince ouraudience (driver of all ages) that avoiding texting and driving isthe best way to avoid road accidents. We wanted all drivers tounderstand that over 70% of accidents recorded annually are as aresult of this dangerous vice that can be avoided by all. To deliver,we tried to capture the attention of our audience and brought forthillustrations that depicts texting and drunk driving dangers. We alsotried to make the video interesting and eye catching so as to makethe audience glued to their screens.

Theaccomplishment of our remix was highly dependent on the issue athand. We, therefore, had done thorough research on the topic and hadall the statistics on texting and drunk driving with us. We chose tomake the video for the general populace who might be practicingtexting and drunk driving and also those close to them. Knowing thatthe ongoing trend on texting and drunk driving is deplorable, wewanted to talk on the importance of avoiding the vice so thateverybody will be safe on our roads. After figuring out the subject,audience, purpose and writers, we felt that we were good to go.

Agood comprehension of the issue at hand helped us invent the remix indifferent ways. We started with introducing the video where we gaveit the topic “OUT OF SIGHT: A Documentary on Texting and DrunkDriving.” This we did to ensure that our audience understands thetopic of our discussion. We went ahead and started that the video wasmeant for drivers of all ages. We also made it known to our audiencethat our video is based on the true life incident. Lastly, wecautioned our audiences to be attentive bringing out the seriousnessof the topic under discussion.

Next,on the body of the video, we provided an illustration of a man who istexting and driving. The man was rushing in a party going by the textconversation. Oblivious of the dangers he was exposing himself to,the man was texting back while speeding on what appears to be a verybusy highway. Next, we explained the dangers that the man in ourillustration was likely to face. To make our explanation interesting,we introduced cartoon driving images that run throughout the videostatistics. We even featured a blindfolded cartoon image in our videoportraying how talking and texting blindfolds the driver. It is underthe body section that we revealed that studies showing that gettingout of the phone while driving is 6 times more likely to result in anaccident. The video pointed out that using hand free gadget does nothelp either. Further the video continued to reveal that studiesindicate that 70% of accidents recorded annually are as a result oftexting while driving. Each year 1.5 million crashes are reported asa result of texting while driving. This results in about 600,000injuries and over six thousand people losing their lives. The firstpart of the video ended with a warning that text during driving maycause traffic accident.

Onthe send part of the body, we talked about drunk driving. We begun byrevealing that more than 50% students at Michigan State Universityhold parties on the weekend, we brought a cartoon image to representthis and lighten the video. This video later featured a group ofcollege going youths. They were partying together while takingassorted alcoholic drinks. After four hours, one of the youth gothighly intoxicated and tired. He was seen staggering towards theparking lot ‘ready’ to drive home. The guy meandered through theroad landing into a ditch where the police came to his rescue.

Theconclusion of our remix showed that the US law condemns texting anddrunk driving. The audiences were also informed that thoseapprehended for reckless driving are fined $5000 along with a 3 yearsimprisonment. The remix advised drivers to think about their life andthat of their family through observing traffic rules.

Inconclusion, by addressing text and drunk driving, our remix wasvaluable. Although the video slightly exceeded the 4-6 minutesbracket, it was a major success in developing solutions to theproblem at hand. This project offered a good learning experience andtaught me a lot concerning the dangers linked to texting and drunkdriving.


Film.Outof sight: a documentary on Texting &amp Drunk Driving.Available at: