Guest Speaker Reflection

GuestSpeaker Reflection

Thecriminal justice system is a law enforcement network involved inarresting, prosecuting, defending, sentencing, and punishingconvicted criminals. The primary focus of the criminal justice systemis controlling crime through prosecuting and punishing guiltyindividuals. It is also responsible for protecting innocent lives.The system identifies potential crime and then conducts aninvestigation that assists to prosecute suspects. Other functions ofthe system include supervising custodial and community punishment, aswell as fines collection.

Fromthe guest speaker and further research, I learnt that the titlesgiven to prosecutors vary from one state court to another. Theyinclude terms such as District Attorney, in Alabama, Attorney generalin Alaska, Delaware, County attorneys in Arizona and prosecutingattorneys in Arkansas amongst many others. Prosecutors are chosenthrough local elections, but a few are appointed like in Alaska andConnecticut.

Theguest speaker discredited the misconception that it is impossible towin any criminal case. Since every suspect is treated as innocentuntil proven guilty, attorneys can win any case though challengingthe evidence from diverse perspectives. Either the judges give aguilty or not guilty verdict depending on the evidence the attorneydefense provide during prosecution. She confirmed that everyonealways has a chance to prove not guilty.

Despitebeing a feminist, the guest speaker stressed the common myth thatfeminists are man-hating, power hungry and totalitarian nastinessdoes not exist. The primary aim of feminists is to ensure that peopleare not discriminated from success and happiness based on theirgenders. I was impressed by how the speaker was purposeful in puttingacross her lines of thought. Her resolute words caught my attentionthroughout the lecture.