Halloween Holiday




Forthe years I have been in United States of America, I have alwaysfound it important to respect people’s way of life and festivals.Nonetheless, this has not meant that I love all celebrationsconducted at different times of the year. More specifically, theHalloween has been one such festive activity that I have found ithard to love. I hate Halloween actually I detest this celebrationthat tends to provide an opportunity for people to go treat andtricking. My dislike of this celebration is pegged on a number offactors.

First,Halloween is a night for illicit conduct. Statements on newspaperheadlines indicate that particular crimes are tied to thiscelebration. For instance, there is breaking of glass, crushingpumpkin on buildings, and throwing eggs at vehicles and people. Itprovides a chance for teenagers with criminal tendencies to expresstheir sentiments without any hindrance. The incidences of violence onHalloween nights are higher than any night in the year, for examplein 2012 six people was shot dead in Washington D.C. while two otherswere killed in New Orleans. Even though it may not be solely blamedfor the crimes, it is all too evident that it does not encouragelaw-abiding conduct.

Cumulatively,colossal sums of money are spent in candy, decorations and costumesin the Halloween celebration. It is reported in the news that onaverage individuals who celebrate Halloween spend about $80, and withmore than 170 people involved in the celebration the figure is about$ 8 billion. In lieu of wasting resources on candy and costumes,people can light their porch.

Theevent is made worse by trick-treating, whereby kids move around inthe neighborhood to entreat for candy, and when they don’t get whatthey want, they most certainly must do something vicious to theneighbors or their property. I also do not understand why familieshave to transform their homes into horror setting. I loathe theextent to which individuals are obsessed with this celebration monthsbefore the actual night.