Themillennium has become a metaphor for the extraordinary challenges andopportunities available in healthcare professions and to thoseacademic institutions responsible for the preparation of the nextgeneration healthcare professions who may include nurses. Signalchange is all around US defining not only what is being taught inclass but also how students are being taught and expected to carryout their professional mandates. Transformations taking place inhealthcare have been driven by major socioeconomic factors as well asdevelopments in health care delivery and professional issues uniqueto healthcare provision (, 2011). Some of thetrends exhibited in the sector include

Changingdemographics and increasing diversity. There is a radical populationshift that has affected priorities of the country as well aspracticing healthcare practicing. Due to the advances in publichealth and clinical care, the average lifespan is increasing rapidly.By 2020 more than 20% of the population will be 65 years or olderwith those over 85 years constituting the fastest growing age group.

Technologyexplosion is another component that has already had a radical impactin healthcare delivery and education of professionals in the field.Advances in processing capacity and speed, the development of aninteractive user interface and development of image storage andtransfer of technology, changes in telecommunications technology andthe increased affordability of personal computers all account to thenumerous changes in healthcare delivery. There is a dramaticincreased accessibility to clinical data settings and date which havehad an improved impact of healthcare delivery (Computer SciencesCorporation, 2014).

Globalizationof the world’s economy is another major component attributed to theradical change in healthcare provision. Globalization has broughtabout many factors that include advances in information technologyand communication, international travel and commerce, growth ofmultinationals and the fall of communism in the east (PwC, 2014).However, this development has brought about risks like increasedspread of diseases however it has enhanced healthcare delivery sincecountries can share crucial information.


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