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Iatrogenicinfection affects patients during the treatment period or afterattendance by a medical doctor, especially when it is done byunqualified nurse, or it is done in an inappropriate manner. Dr.Jones is ultimately responsible for the infection on the patientbecause he is the one entirely responsible for the treatment of thepatient. For the cause to be identified, it is vital to understandthe exact type of the iatrogenic infection, the procedures given tothe patient, the kind of injuries in the patient and what kind ofduties have been delegated to me as an assistant (Westrick,2006).


Negligenceinvolves a situation where a person engages in practices that a wiseor careful person will not do in an organizational set up. On theother hand, malpractice is identified as improper conduct or evenlack of adequate skills by a person who holds a certain professionalposition. It may result to damages in the line of duty where acertain person is placed and it is recognized by nurses’ practicesacts, institutional policies, as well as JCAHO standards. Vicariousliability is where a medical employer is responsible for both theirown and the employee negligence. These unethical practices resultfrom different aspects, especially in the medical platform. They canalso be caused by delegation of duties to unqualified or unlicensedpersonnel, early discharge and inappropriate referral procedures,shortage of medical personnel and lack of proper oversightresponsibilities. These elements are very common in someorganizations. In this case, Oversight Medical Center seeks to getinto the global medical platform, but when keenly observed it will benote that organization like the world health organization have hadcases of malpractices that results from the involvement of freshnurses and especially from the colleges in the attending to patients(Toroket al, 2012).


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