1.Describe the relationship of the client’s level ofsatisfaction stated on the organization’s quality performancereport card (HCAHPS SCORES) with your position as an allied healthprofessional.

HCAHPSfocuses on a greater percentage on the patient’s hospitalexperience, focusing on the issues of communication with the hospitalstaff and the hospital climate, that is cleanliness and quietnessissues. In my position at the health field, the level of satisfactionof the patient depends with the clients themselves, the state inwhich they were admitted in the hospital. In addition, the patient`sage and experiences at different hospitals. Most ‘new’ patients,those who have not had respiratory complications and malfunctioning,will automatically rate the hospital highest merely because of liferestored and lack of experience at the health units. For the clientswho have attended a number of hospitals, these will always comparebetween the services rendered from the hospitals and score on thecards with a consideration of the best-attended hospital as a control(Owens, 2011). Some clients when admitted in hospitals in a severecondition and are healed in the long run will always grade thehospital highest. As well, with the fact that most questions areadministered by the doctors themselves, the patient may rate high thehospital with the fear of not knowing what may befall him/her afterthe interview. The level of client’s satisfaction is therefore afunction of the client’s themselves.

2)Describe the relationship between JCAHO as quality managementinitiative and the performance of your daily tasks as an alliedhealth professional.

TheJoint Commission on Accreditation of Organizations hasbecome just another scaring body in most healthcare units and mostlyto hospital administrators. Within the mission of healthcareservices&nbspimprovement through inspection and inspiration toimprove on the services delivery of the hospitals, the commissionkeeps most people on toes to do the best always (Brauer, 2001). Withindefinite and abrupt visits for inspectionthecommissioninspiresme to be alwaysat my bestandofferto thebestof my knowledgeon respiratory malfunctioning. Justto retainaccreditation certification, my unitandI are alwaysprettylooking andalwaysat my bestin servicedeliveryandup to thecurrentstandards.Rectification of thequoted‘mistakes’arealsodoneregularly.However,despite theJCAHO beingthere,I would delivermy workwith decencyandhumanity.


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