Henry Powell, Inc Case


HenryPowell, Inc Case

HenryPowell, Inc Case

Thedanger presented by the batteries to the users of the lawn mowerscreates a need for the company to be responsible for the situation.The main responsibility that Henry Powell, Inc. bears is toinvestigate the cause of the explosions for the markets in thesouthern states. The fact that the explosions are happening in oneregion only shows that the company should investigate beforeadmitting responsibility for faulty batteries. According to Jonesand Parker(2005), a company has ethical responsibility of both the direct usersof its products and the indirect user, even the general public.Therefore Henry Powell, Inc. has the responsibility to explain to thesituation to the unaffected lawn mower manufactures.

Theoffices of Henry Powell, Inc. should not try to shift the blame tothe lawn mower manufactures. The situation favors the company toshift the blame because there is an indication that the problem isnot with the battery but with the brand of lawn mower. Despite theindication, the company should join hands with the manufactures ofthe lawn mower brand to investigate and find a proof of the cause ofthe problem. This is because internal investigations of the companyare not conclusive about the problem (Jackson, 2008).

Thestakeholders affected by the issue are the customers of the lawnmowers, the manufactures of the lawn mowers, the company, HenryPowell, Inc. and the general public. The main ethical considerationsfacing the company are admission of fault or shifting of the blame.If the company shifts the blame, it could be blamed forirresponsibility and unethical decisions. However, it the companytakes responsibility, it will be inappropriate because it may admitunethical practices it was not supposed to. Therefore, the managementshould find a balance in a conclusive investigation.


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