Homeland Security



Americais Safer after the 9/11 Atack than Before

Theevents that have marked the American security scene in the last twodecades have had a significant impact on the security status. One ofthe most significant events is the September 11 attack on the UnitedStates by the Al-Qaida-linked terrorist. While this was a singleevent, its impact has spread over time and the American securityscene changed. The changes were marked by the adoption of a number ofpolicies that introduced more stringent measures to secure thecountry. With such measures to secure the country from both theinternal and external threats, I feel that the country is safer nowthat it was before the 9/11 attack.

Dueto the steps taken by the government, I feel that we are safer thanwe were before the attack. Despite the increased threats to theUnited States homeland security, the United States is more consciousto these threats than we were a decade ago. One of the main reasonswhy the country is safer is because of the changes in foreign policyby the United States government to promote security. The policies toattack terrorists in their own land, such as Al-Qaida in Iraq andextremists in Syria have weakened the potential of terrorists. At thesame time, such policies and attacks have sounded a warning to othercountries from housing extremists or terrorists against the U.S.

Inthe quest to secure the country, the country has responded in thecorrect ways to potential threats. This assertion is proven valid bythe few number of terrorist attack cases against the United Stateshomeland, despite having several enemies against the country. Whilethe measures taken to protect the country have attracted even moreenemies, the country has been able to repel most of the attacks. Thekilling of the 9/11 mastermind also proves a success of the country’sexternal security operations to prevent future attacks. In myopinion, the country has had more success in its external effortsthan in the internal efforts of securing the Americans fromterrorism.

Interms of foreign policy, the United States the country hasimplemented policies that are considered to be lawful. However, theresult of these measures justifies the way in which they areimplemented. In my opinion, it is right to break the law if theaction will protect the country from the law breakers. Moreimportantly, it is right to take measures that will lead to positiveresults of securing the country, even if there is worldwide criticismof such actions. This is because the damage perceived to be caused bythe security agents who break the law is usually insignificant orlow, compared to the danger that faces the country.

Despitethe criticism against the United States government, the measurestaken to secure the country have been effective. While the countryhas experienced some attacks since the 9/11 event, it is fair to notethat the security mechanisms taken have thwarted several terroristattacks. At the same time, the steps taken in the country such aschecking shipments and adopting laws are not enough to secure thecountry. This explains why there are border issues and flops in theinternal security. However, these are as a result of the quest byAmerica to uphold the freedom and the liberty of people in thecountry. All in all, the country is much safer now than it was beforethe 9/11 attack.