Horror story


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A newly wedded and young couple decides to relocate to theneighborhood. John and Cate had only been married for ten months.Their love and marriage was still fresh and their honeymoon memorieswere vividly evident in their minds. The new neighborhood was a warm,silent and serene environment that would attract any person seeing acool environment. There were rumors that the neighborhood wasimminent with serial killers. However, John and Cate hardly believedthis. The people who lived in the neighborhood were cautious andwould ensure that they are in their houses as early as 7PM.

It was customary for John to go to the store at around 8PM to getthe necessary ingredients for supper. It was a cold Thursday eveningwhen John decided to do what was now his duty since marrying Cate. Heleft for the market at exactly 7 PM. Considering the distance betweentheir house and the market, it was apparent that John would get backhome exactly by 8 PM or a few minutes after 8PM. However, this was aunique and scary day. Cate, who was now 7 months pregnant had waitedfor her husband until 9 PM when she started panicking and decided tocall him. The phone went unanswered. “Oh my God…..” Catescreamed. She was terrified. The thought of the notorious serialkillers came to her mind. “Could they have killed my husband……”she said to herself. “Or maybe he is just late and is on theway……”she consoled herself. As time went by, Cate’s worriescontinued to be worse.

At ten PM, Cate decided to call the police. She hurriedly took herphone and dialed 911. ”Hello, how may I help you?” a deep malevoice said. “My husband is missing….he…he…went to collectvegetables and he hasn’t returned…..help help…” she requestedthe police officer. After describing her location, the police officerconfirmed that he had dispatched a group of police officers with twopatrol cars to her apartment on Wall Street, 5th avenue,house number 44. Since the police were aware of the presence ofserial killers in the area, they were sure that the man might havebeen yet another victim of the criminals. As soon as they got toCate’s apartment, the police officers ordered Cate to remainindoors and not panic as the officers embark on a mission to find herhusband.

She waited and waited for a response from the police regarding herhusband, but the call would never come in. all this while, she wasattempting to call her husband in vain. It was now 1AM on Friday andthere was still no sign that her husband has been found. She wasstill hopeful that the police will find her husband arrive and bringhim back home. The worry and the panic was putting her 7 month unbornchild at risk. “Could they have found him and taken him to thehospital for checkup?” she asked herself. At exactly 2 AM, Cate sawthe headlights of the police patrol cars approaching her home. Sheprayed and hoped that they came along with her husband. Afterconfirming that they were indeed the police, she opened the door andrushed out. “Where is he……where is my husband?” she askedwhile crying. Immediately John showed up with his clothes full ofblood. Cate run unto him and hugged him mindless of the blood. Herhusband had wrestled with the serial killer for hours and was injuredin the process. In the second police patrol car laid the body of theserial killer.


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