How an interview changed my perception about employment


Howan interview changed my perception about employment

Howan interview changed my perception about employment

Inmy entire life, I had taken high regard for the big companies andthat have contributed to massive growth in the economy of thecountry. I admired working with them and believed that myprofessional life will be spent working at one of the mostinfluential corporations in the country. However, perceptions havesince changed due to an incident that happened two years ago in aninterview. As much as I have personally believed that I am good atinterviews, I never thought that the process would change myprofessional perspective.

Inthe summer of 2012, I was called for an interview for a managementtrainee job in one of the main organizations in the country. Theinterview was done by a human resource consultancy firm that washired by the organization as a way of withholding the identity. Ikept wondering why a big and a respectable organization would notpublicly indicate that they are hiring. It is from this position thata friend told me that big organizations hide their identity whenrecruiting so that they can get the most objective and qualifiedemployees. I was wondering that these organizations do not considerthe fact that there are young people who base their professionaldreams in working at these companies. I kept pondering about thesituation even though I was happy for the invitation.

Thesentence in the interview invitation email always rings in my mind asit was written, “….. you have been considered for an interviewafter successful application for the management trainee position…”But the line that hits my mind most is, “Our client is a largefortune 500 organization in America…” Even today, I hate openingthat email because the interview process changed my perception of bigorganizations. I happily prepared for the interview and even investedsome borrowed money to get new formal attire. It is fascinating howwe young people consider interviews with a lot of enthusiasm andpassion as if we have already won the job. It was the exact feeling Ihad because I considered myself to be the best person in terms ofinterviews.

Finally,the day came when I had to prove my claim and conviction to theworld. It is at this moment that I realized the two main determinantsof success in the professional life. The first one hit me when I leftfor the interviewer’s office that our knowledge and personalbeliefs of our potential to succeed in our professional world. As Ireached the escalator of the tall building where the consulting firmhad the offices, I realized that our internal potential has nosignificance if it is not manifested in an active form. This was thekinetic energy that I was supposed to portray to the interviewingpanel that I was about to face.

Thetime taken by the escalator seemed long enough to provoke my patienceto climb to an office that was just in the fourth floor. As the doorsopened, I noticed the face of the consulting firm was an expansiveoutlook. I knew that they were genuinely hiring for a largeorganization, at least based on the reception and treatment that Ireceived. At the waiting bay, the company had stocked a variety ofcorporate magazines and management journals that created anenvironment of professionalism. The environment gave me moreenthusiasm to perform at the panel and prove myself worthy of my owndream. My ultimate dream was to work in a senior position at one ofthe companies that were featured in almost all the magazines and thejournals on the shelf of the waiting lounge.

WhenI appeared at the interviewing panel, I was confident of winning thehearts of the five people who asked me questions at their pleasure.The intention of their questions was to get the most out of me interms of my education, skills and personal beliefs. Even today, I canbet that I stood a great chance of succeeding in the interviewbecause I believed my answers. As I could evaluate from their smilesand glances, I am sure that they were impressed with my responses. Ican recall how I was asked about my purpose in the world as the lastquestion. Without hesitation, I fired them with my mission and visionin life, a response that earned a positive comment.

Myperception about the big organization changed when I received aregret letter notifying my failure to secure the internship job. Ifelt so disappointed with all the large corporations that I vowed tonever apply for a job at any of these organizations. My personalphilosophy changed from valuing a job to appreciatingentrepreneurship. From that moment, I changed my mission and visionin life to focus on the adventurous world of business. Now I amstudying with a different purpose to start my own business insteadof being humiliated by companies in the search for jobs. As I studytoday, my mind clearly focuses on this new direction in life. I feelthat my heart has conceived the dream and my mind believes that Iwill achieve it one day.