Time and Place


Set Design

Describe the atmosphere created by the combination of film elements and how they contributed to your liking or disliking of the movie.

Sister Act (1992)

The movie’s setting takes place in Rhode Island in 1992. However, the time of the setting and the place alternates between the present action, and events that took place in the past 14 years ago. Most of the scenes in the present setting take place at a parish and with nuns.

The costumes represent an era of traditional and classic styles. The main characters are dressed as nun, and often appear in nun costumes. Also, the choir is often appears on robes especially when performing before the congregation.

Some set pieces in the movie convey the harsh realities of modern urban life. The convent setting represents a traditional simple plot of Catholicism, which is made popular in the urban pop setting.

The movie creates an atmosphere of renewal, transformation and revival in a restricting and dead society. The main character, Mary Clarence, is a representation of this atmosphere as her presence awakens a dying church, which is packed to overflowing once again. The acting is realistic and brings meaning to the society because it portrays how worship and church ministry is vital in the neighborhood for the renewal of any church, as they are considered as the main ingredient (Johnston, 2007). The use of the convent displays an image of innocence and holiness in the mind of the audiences. However, this innocence is taken over by the worldly involvement of the main character. Sister’s acts communal turn toward the outside world by revealing how their innocence is lost by opening up to contemporary possibilities. It is easy to enjoy this comic movie, as it takes place in an era of transformation of music genre, as well as, a wanted change of internal transformation manifested directly and indirectly in outward actions.


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