How to Extract DNA Using Household Ingredients

Howto Extract DNA Using Household Ingredients

Howto Extract DNA Using Household Ingredients


Theresearch aimed at extracting DNA from household ingredients. Incarrying out the research, strawberries were used as the testsubject. The experiment involved use of materials and methods,results and then discussion. The results obtained were in synch withthe right results when the right protocols are used in thelaboratory. A white precipitate is observed at the end of theexperiment and it is the DNA.

Allliving things are constituted of cells. Cells are basic unit of lifeand make up animals, plants and bacteria. Cells work coordinated inanimals and plants to form tissues and groups of these tissues arecalled organs (Nunes etal.,2011). Within the cells there are organelles which help in generalrepairs, waste removal and reproduction (Nunes etal.,2011). The nucleus, the cell membrane and cytoplasm are three mainparts of a cell. The DNA is held in the nucleus. DNA known asdeoxyribonucleic acid is genetic material in every living organismand is found within the nucleus of eukaryotic cells (Nunes etal.,2011).

Theaim of this lab is to extract DNA from strawberries using householdingredients. The extracted DNA is useful in mapping or sequencing,PCR and crime scene investigations (Nunes etal.,2011). In crime scenes, DNA helps in determining who was involved ornot involved in the crime. DNA is critical for inheritance, proteincoding and it serves as genetic blueprint of life. Extraction of DNAis significant as it helps in genetic testing, identification of bodyand used in the analysis of forensic evidence (Nunes etal.,2011).

Materialsand Methods

Pulloff any green leaves or the sepals on strawberry that have not beenremoved yet. Place the strawberry into a plastic bag, seal theplastic bag then smash it for about 2 minutes. Crush the strawberriescompletely. Using a plastic cup, make the DNA extraction liquid andthis is done through mixing approximately 2 teaspoons of detergentswith 1 teaspoon of salt and ½ cup of water. Add two teaspoonful ofDNA extraction liquid into the polythene bag containing strawberries.The bag is resealed and smashed moderately for 1 minute.

Usinga coffee filter, place it on the other plastic cup. Open the plasticbag then pour the strawberry liquid into the coffee filter. Pour downan equal amount of alcohol in the plastic cup containing thefiltrate. Pour while holding the cup at 45 degrees and do not mix orstir. Wait for 3 minutes and observe the top layer above thestrawberry extract layer. Tilt the plastic cup then extract the DNAusing the plastic coffee stirrer or even a wooden stick.


Duringthe experiment, numerous observations were made. The top layer abovethe strawberry extract layer was cloudy or white in appearance. Afteraddition of ethanol a white precipitate was observed.


Incarrying out the experiment, household ingredients were applied inthe extraction of DNA from strawberries and they included ethanol,salt, and detergent. Crushing the strawberries begins the breaking ofcells and DNA is released. Adding 2 teaspoon of DNA extraction liquidinto a bag of strawberries further break the cells open. The use ofsalt is significant as it helps remove proteins that are on the DNA.Further, salt ensures that proteins remain dissolved in aqueous layerin order to avoid their precipitation in alcohol together with DNA.The use of alcohol enables DNA to precipitate. Upon stirring withwooden stick the long strands of DNA wraps around the woodenstick.Thus the results reflected all the exact findings got when theright protocol is followed as in the case of a laboratory experiment(Nunes etal.,2001). Therefore, the extraction of DNA was successful and the samplecan be purified then refrigerated for future experiments.


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