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Theuse of barcode technology in the nursing profession has proved to beinstrumental since the application promises to reduce medicationerrors. The implementation of this technology will definitely work asexplained in the Systems Process Outcome theory, which was developedby Donabedian. Barcode technology can be classified as a qualitysystem that is aimed at managing change that has been implemented ina healthcare institution. The model of quality systems developed byDonabedian comprises of three factors, which include process,structure, as well as the outcome. Based on the model, the structurerefers to the administration of the resources required to achieve theset goals. The process entails the professional cooperation, as wellas the culture of the organization that will promote the achievementof the set outcomes. The outcomes relates to the objectives of theprocess and the goals that the model strives to achieve (Kunkel etal, 2007).

Thetheory supports the proposed solution in a number of ways. First, itrepresents the relationships that exists between the process,structure, and outcome and these are needed in the achievement ofquality systems within an organization. Through the model, theimplementation of barcode technology will become a reality since thetechnology is related to the improvement of quality within ahealthcare organization. Since barcode technology can be classifiedas an emerging technology, it will be possible to maintain thequality of the services offered in a healthcare setting. Whileincorporating the model in the project, it is necessary to ensurethat efficiency and effectiveness of the model is enhanced (Kunkel etal, 2007). The incorporation of the model will involve availing humanresources (staff). The incorporation will also encompass assigningtasks to the staff members and giving a timeline within which thetasks should be completed. After assigning members of the qualityteam some work, the barcode technology will then be evaluated toascertain whether it meets its objectives and goals.


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