Individual Reflection Reflecting on Leadership Styles Part I

IndividualReflection: Reflecting on Leadership Styles Part I

IndividualReflection: Reflecting on Leadership Styles Part I

Theleaders that I have interest with in my life include my formercaptain in my high school and my role model, the former and the lateCEO of Apple Inc., Steve Jobs. The two leaders had something uniquein their leadership.

FirstSteve Jobs was a great leader. According to Goleman’s sixleadership framework, Jobs was a visionary leader. He was able tomobilize his followers towards a vision and for sure he achieved hisvision. The underlying emotional intelligence behind Jobs leadershipwas self-confidence and an agent of change. This style wasappropriate because, change required a new vision and when there wasneed to give clear direction (James,2013).Jobs was positive and believed in his followers. By bestowing a lotof trust and confidence in them, the company was able to stand out asone of the most innovative companies in the global history, producingexclusive products like the iPhone edition of smart phones, theiPods, the iMac, and other great products. This vision has continuedto live on, even long after Jobs departure, because as Bjugstad etal. (2006) puts it, the leader leads the way to a vision, but thefollowers help in realizing the vision.

Finally,my high school team coach was an exemplary leader. He applied anumber of leadership styles depending on the situation. Clearly hewas coaching he was focused on developing his individual teammember’s future. He could allow as try something different,improving on our weak points and leveraging on our strong point. Insome situations, he had to be commanding. According to Goleman, somesituation demand immediate compliance, hence the leader must be firm.This style works well in a crisis situation and there is need to makea turnaround with a problem.


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