Inequality for All


Inequalityfor All

Inequalityfor All

Inthe film, Inequalityfor All,Robert Reich makes a zealous argument presenting the middle class inthe United States. Reich reveals how the American economy is atdanger due to the overwhelming effects caused by the enlargingeconomic gap between the rich and the poor. The documentary aims atdefending persons who are not in a position to defend themselves. Hestates that the middle class are at a point of being graduallyeliminated by this gap, and would result in economic disaster if notdealt with. In his attempt to provide his claim, Reich asks whatmakes a good society and the role played by the widening income gulfin worsening economic health in America. He argues that that the USmiddle class contributes 70 percent in spending and create real jobs.However, this can only be attained if they are paid well. Conversely,the rich get affluent by investing abroad and hoarding wealth.

Inassessing the film, considering the facts used to support theargument is vital. Besides, considering the use of the work done byother conservatives by Reich to back his conversations regardingincome inequality is also paramount.

Inhis remarkable point of view, Reich explicates that the feasibilityof the American labour force and the basis of democracy arethreatened by immense consolidation of affluence by a small number ofindividuals at the top. As argued by Reich, it is true that suchdevelopments as technological revolution and globalization havecontributed greatly to the huge income gap. Lower taxes paid by thewealthy through massive tax breaks are also a major cause. Thesepeople, instead of helping the American economy, end up investing inother countries, worsening the problem. On the contrary, the middleclass suffer from wage stagnation, resulting in much borrowing,declining purchasing power, reduced sales and finally loss of jobs.


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