Is Death Final?

IsDeath Final?

11.Does it conflict with any background information?&nbsp If so what?

Accordingto Raymond Moody, it is impossible to trust any human conscience. However, he supports the motion that “Death is not final” basedon narratives that his patients had narrated to him. He proposes thatscience cannot provide strong evidence regarding life after death.Instead, critical and rational thinking offers the best option forunderstanding life after death, thus he conflicts his initialstatement that human mind is not reliable. Moody’s assertion thatrational thinking and rational thinking offers the best solution forunderstanding the new death experiences conflicts with his previouspremise that nobody can be trusted, while some people in their ownconsciousness see apparitions. The statement implies that thenarrations of people who have experienced near-death experience, andthe evidence he uses to support the motion is not valid.

12.Do any of your propositions conflict with expert opinion?&nbsp Isthere expert opinion available?

Myproposition that death is final conflicts with Dr. Steven Novella’sopinion that death is final. Novella asserts that people who narrateanecdotes of their near death experience are actually not dead. Instead, their normal brain and mind functioning works in an alteredstate. He asserts that presently there is technology and drugs thatcan alter the normal brain functions, thus people in coma may see anew world that may in turn make them feel as if they were dead. Theexpert also adds that the brain and mind controls most of thephysical human activities, including recording events that oneexperiences. He concludes that neuroscience evidence scientists havecollected within more than two centuries indicates that people whoexperience near death experience merely construct the events in theirminds.

Novella’sassertion also conflicts with Raymond Moody’s statement that somepeople do see apparitions or move with their loved ones to theafterlife world when they are in a conscious state.