is a religion that is articulated by the holy book of Quran, which isa word for word explanation of the commands and directives of Allahthe Almighty God to human beings. Prophet Muhammad, the last prophetof Allah facilitates adherence to the Quran through his Sunnahscomposed of hadiths, which are the teachings and examples of how tolive according to Allah’s wishes. Muslims believe in Allah as theonly God. We also believe in angels, prophets such asAdam,&nbspIbrahim&nbsp(Abraham),&nbspMusa&nbsp(Moses),Dawud (David) and&nbspIsa(Jesus).Muhammad (peace be upon him) is the last and final prophet. EveryMuslim lives and works to have the favor of Allah. This sis to ensurethat when the Day of Judgment comes, the day when our destinies willbe decided, they will be able to go the heaven and live with theAlmighty Allah. Nevertheless, Allah already knows what will happen.He already knows the destination of each one of us, whether it isgoing to heaven or hell. However, Muslims still have the ability tomake their free choices despite the predestination, and change theirdestinies.

Allahis the supreme God, who created everything. He is omnipresent,external, omnipotent and omniscient. This means that He has alwaysexisted and is everywhere at any single time. He is also all-powerfulwith the ability to control everything. Lastly, Allah is all-knowing.Allah is neither male nor female. He can neither be seen nor heard.Despite the fact that He is merciful, Allah is just. This means thatHe rewards and punishes Muslims in a fair manner. Creation on earthwas brought due to Allah’s mere command “Be,” and it was.

Mostnon-Muslims come highly deficient of understanding the actual meaningof the word Jihad. Jihad is a holy struggle. This word illustratesthe three kinds of struggles experienced by an faithful. First,it is the internal struggle endured by a Muslim in an effort toreveal and live out his faith as a Muslim in the best way possible.Secondly, Muslims endure the struggle when they are building the bestMuslim society possible. Thirdly, which is apparently the commonperception it is the struggle to protect the religion. Thisthird struggle permits the use of force if necessary. Livingaccording to the ways of Allah is the most important thing to anyMuslim. However, Allah sets very high standards and therefore,Muslims have to fight many things, including peer pressure,temptation and their own selfish desires to ensure that they attainthe high standards. That is the basis of the internal Jihad, which isthe most important struggle. The five pillars of are elementsof the Jihad that make a Muslim become closer to Allah. These includeshahadah (testimony), Salat (prayer), zakat and sadaqah(alms-thanksgiving), fasting, which is commonly known as Sawn in theHoly Month of Ramadhan and lastly Hajj, which is a pilgrimage to theholy city of Mecca. The Holy War, which is the most common referenceof Jihad, is guided by very strict rules. For it to occur, theoffender must have started the war, the purpose of the war must begood, which is, something that Allah will approve, and it must to befought to gain territory. A religious leader should be the onelaunching it. All other alternatives to reach agreements should beexhausted before a Jihad is considered. In the event of a militaryJihad, innocent people, women, children or old people must not bekilled or sexually abused. Injured soldiers from both fronts shouldbe treated with the same care as other patients.

Shariaare rules that guide Muslims. They are a compilation of laws thatcombine the teachings of the Quran, the hadiths and the fatwas(rulings of Muslim scholars). These laws nurture humanity and aredivinely revealed. They guide everyday’s life of Muslims.

Myreligion is very important to me and I make sure that I use theteachings of every time and every day. Each day-to-daycircumstance is a chance to practice my religion. During hard times,I remember to pray to Allah and read my Quran because they are a wayof direct communication to the Almighty God and ask for guidance. Intimes of happiness, I remember to thank Allah because showinggratitude to Allah is part of the teachings of the Quran and itensures that He continues to bless us. During confusing times, theholy teachings and come in handy because reading the Quran andthe hadiths give me guidance to decision making.

Inthe recent times, I have received challenges in my beliefs concerningJihad. Many people are conducting terrorist activities in the name ofJihad. Additionally, the international non-Muslim communities,together with media outlets are giving out information thatfacilitates animosity towards the ic religions. People fail tounderstand that is a religion of peace and good relation. Itshould never be connected to terrorism because Allah does not approveterrorism. Just as elaborated earlier, Jihads do not take lives ofinnocent people, which is actually, what happens in terroristactivities.

Inconclusion, religion is a way of life. It is guidance to one’smorals and beliefs. It gives people something to hold on to, a hopein life during times of difficulties and confusion, and a sense ofbelief during triumphant times. Everyone in the world should learn tolook at religion in that way instead of associating certain prejudicewith some religions, even if some members of the religion areinvolved in the vices. Each religion has its black sheep.


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