John F. Kennedy


JohnF. Kennedy


JohnF. Kennedy was the youngest ever elected president the United States.President Kennedy came into power with prospects of changing theworld by erasing global poverty and tensions that brought aboutglobal conflict. In order to attain his mission, he urged the peopleto seek that they can do to their country rather than that thecountry can do for them. In global poverty eradication, he called analliance of progress, that is, a cooperative effort, unmatched insize and course of purpose to aid meet the basic needs for the LatinAmerican giving them homes, better schools, land to settle in andjobs (,2001).

Erasingglobal poverty and conflict

Accordingto the Alliance for progress (1961), President Kennedy put forth aproposal on progress effort whereby they would help in the provisionof better homes, settlement land, health facilities, and betterschools. In the Inaugural address (20thJan 1961), president Kennedy went further to promise those invillages across the globe struggling in poverty to offer them thebest efforts. In addition, he launched an economic program that wouldbe longest continued expansion (John F Kennedy -White House).

Thepresident’s efforts to eradicate global conflict tensions were kickstarted honoring different presidents at the White House, includingthe president of Peru, Brazil Colombia, Chile, Puerto Rico, andVenezuela (Alliance for progress, 1961). From the InauguralAddress, President Kennedy promises loyalty and faithfulness to oldallies. Finally, he wished America to resume it initial role ofrevolutionizing nations for human rights, additionally, he reinforcedthreatened countries such Berlin by reinforcing their military(Barnes,2007).


PresidentKennedy in his short term in office before his assassinationrealized the world was a different place and he pledged to make it aneven better place eradicating existing poverties and eradicatingworld conflict tensions. In doing so he anticipated to make the worlda better place.


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