Journal 3 Work Placement


Journal3: Work Placement


Workingas a coordinator in work placement, I interact with students andteachers at the college. I work at the Abu Dhabi women’s college inthe department of Student Services &amp academic services. Thisposition has helped me create a cordial relationship between thepeople I work with at the office. As a result, the situation hasfacilitated the building of a working in a team. However, this hasproved to be a challenge during my experiences. One of the examplesis the day of admission when we organized an outside admission team.We set up computers outside the college administration office withtables and an officer in every department being part of the team.

Theteam was to speed up the process of admitting new students to end inone day. The challenge was to agree with each other. Most membersfelt that their work was more important than the rest. For instance,the finance department felt that they should be given priority in thearrangement. They said that students cannot give our departmentdetails without paying fees at their desk. As much as the team wasgood for the college, I did not enjoy the team work. This is becausepeople did not seem to appreciate the contribution of otherdepartments but theirs.

However,I gained a lot of leadership skills in the team experience. I learnthow to cooperate with other people who have different work-relatedideas and perspectives. I learnt how to accommodate the diverse viewsof other people in the college and appreciate their contribution. Inaddition, I learn communication skills with colleagues from differentdepartments. More importantly, I learned how to control my emotionswhen other colleagues do not relate with me well as recommended inthe principles of emotional intelligence (Marianne&amp Derek,2010).These skills improved my leadership skills at work.

Asone of the largest institutions in the UAE, HTC has had a significantimpact on the society through corporate programs and socialresponsibility initiatives. The careers department has established ascholarship and sponsorship program together with the KhalifaCity Women’s Colleges through a number of events (HTC, 2014). Inaddition, the college has organized programs to visit the sick. In2014, the college has visited the sick in hospitals and shared happymoments with them through the HCT-Khalifa City Women’s College’sBaader Volunteering Club (HTC, 2014). Through these initiatives, thecollege has had a positive impact on the lives of the members of thesociety.


Workingas a coordinator in the Student Services &amp academic services, Iam engaged in procedures, and working environment with regularpractices. One of the practices at my work place is to attend to thestudents whenever they report at my office. This is to respond totheir needs and find solutions for them. At the end of the workinghours, I have to report to my supervisor the number of students Iserved that day.

Inaddition, I work in collaboration with other HCT departments in thecollege to get information about students. In further collaborationwith HCT departments, I collect information on the number of studentadmissions at the college. It is also my practice to call the parentsof some students who may want to leave the college earlier than therest. Moreover, I keep digital records of the students such as thegreen card applications. Through these practices, I connect with therest of the HTC, which makes my services necessary in the college.Therefore, I had to engage in on-job learning about how the otherdepartments function and the officers.

Prioritiesand Work Schedules

Tomake sure that I perform my duties well, I set priorities every daybased on the program for the week as set by the supervisor. Theinstructions from the supervisor from the number one priority for anyday. On the second priority are the student needs and the cases thatI receive. I attend the requests of every student whenever theypresent issues or recommendations. Thirdly, the requests from otherdepartments come into the list. This is because working at thedepartment involves strong collaboration with other departments forbetter service delivery (Marianne&amp Derek,2010).Finally, the general office keeping and set up takes the lastpriority. At this level, I work to keep the records of students aswell as other departments.

IfI am not given enough work by the supervisor, I always embark onoffice arrangement and planning. I also create time to organize therecord of past work in a professional way. In addition, I plan forthe next days and weeks. If I am given a lot of work, I spend moretime at the college and finish it within the set target time. I workovertime and on weekends to complete the work done. If the work istoo difficult, I request for assistance and direction from colleaguesand supervisor.


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