Work Experience



Competencies and Skills (CLO 3and 4)

As an academic coordinatorhere at HCT, I got the chance to put into practice several skillslearned in my studies. One the skill that I applied most was my ITskills given that my basic equipments were a computer and a printer.I had the chance to work with a new proprietary program to assist myclients which was very enlightening. I also processed and editednumerous forms and documents for clients. Although I have largelyused Microsoft Office applications such as word, I managed to mastersome key skills in keyboard shortcuts too which made my work easier.Additionally, I came to learn how to handle basic issues in running aprinter such as changing cartridges and learned about differentprinting papers.

Through interacting withclients who I served, I advanced my business and customer awarenessskills. The position of student coordinator required me to be updatedon various requirements from students and being able to recall theirvarious needs and queries effectively. I learned how to better handleclients with their individual requests and customize the solutions.For instance, I had to be well informed on some of the currentcourses being provided at HCT and be well informed about the variousfaculties and direction at the institution.

Through keeping records on thenumber of students served and their needs I enhanced my numeracyskills and organization skills. I am now more capable of rememberingnumbers longer and better at keeping records. My business skills havealso improved as I have learned to use business language in myinteractions with colleagues and students. I found this to be veryimportant in order to understand the clients and also express myselfclearly and pass the intended message. The position also taught to beflexible and be a good listener to serve the different needs ofclients. Flexibility means being capable to adjusting to meet uniqueclient needs.

Skills learned in the HCTCollege vs skills needed to succeed in the workplace.

I believe that my workexperience here at HCT has given me the necessary skills to succeedin any workplace. To survive in any workplace, one needs to haveproblem solving skills, be a good listener, willing to learn,dedicated, loyal, self-motivated, work hard, have properinterpersonal skills and be competent in the given position (Sirota,Klein, &amp Russo, 2013). HCT has molded me in the right way todevelop and sharpen these personal attributes and not just practicemy training. As an institution with established core values thatguide employees and all students and one that values hard work amongother values highlighted, I believe I am a better employee now than Iwas before. These values and skills learned at HCT have prepared meto thrive in any workplace. Furthermore, I have interacted withnumerous clients and colleagues from diverse backgrounds and affordedme communication and interpersonal skills. I therefore feel wellprepared to work in workplaces that embrace diversity and relate withpeople well as a member of a team working towards common goals andguided by core values.

Competencies and skills todevelop further

There is common saying thatsays that learning is a never ending process. I therefore feel that Ihave a lot to learn to improve as an employee. Therefore, I lookforward to advancing my IT skills to keep up with rapidly changingtechnology. I would also love to take lessons in one or two foreignlanguages such as French and perhaps Mandarin in preparation for aglobalized world and diversified workplaces. One area that I feel Idid not fully explore or learn how to fully utilize in the workplacewas team building. As an academic coordinator, I found out that I wasrequired to take orders and report on the progress with little roomfor consultation with other colleagues. Most of the consultation thatI embarked on was with my colleagues when an issue arose that I wasnot sure about how to handle it.

I enjoyed the friendliness ofthe staff and seniors in making my experience worthwhile. Mysupervisor was very helpful as he offered important advice wherenecessary and even guided me on some tasks. I like the fact that hedid not shy away from correcting me when I was wrong and givinginformed input.

Critical thinking

My work experience time at HCThas been very successful. I have enjoyed working as a studentcoordinator and learned a lot. Although this placement came alongsidehaving another job at the same institution, it did not affect myperformance at the other job which was one of my fears before Ienrolled. Everyone made it easy for me to cope and the tasks werelighter. Compared to my current position, the work experienceplacement is better as a career path. In that position, I feel moreengaged and empowered to perform and the opportunity to interact withclients has greatly increased my desire to work in a position where Iinteract more with clients and apply my interpersonal skills.Furthermore, my colleagues were very friendly and supportive. Iobserved that the workplace does not have break neck competitivenessamong colleagues which can ruin relations. Though I plan to stickwith my current employer, I look forward to add my skills throughadditional courses and rise up the ranks to management level in fiveyears. This way, I will develop professionally and personally to theperson I want to be.


Sirota,D., Klein, D. &amp Russo, D. (2013). Howto have the best employees. NewYork: FT Press.