King’s conceptual system and attainment theory


King’s conceptual System and attainment theory


The model by Kind asserts that the there are three systems uponwhich concepts can be placed. According Kind, there is the personalsystem, interpersonal systems and social systems. She asserts thatthere are various concepts that can fit into these systems such ascommunication, energy, social organization, role and status. Nursesare said to work with patients and King argues that the nurse mustinteract with the patient to set goals which are common between themand then attain tem together (Maureen et al., 2002). The model callsfor the enhancement of the existing nursing knowledge, as well as theexpansion of the existing knowledge.

Major claim

The major claim by King is that the interpersonal systems which takein the concepts of communication, interaction and transaction areextremely important in a nurse patient situation. The conceptualsystem model and the attainment theory seek to achieve the goal ofpatient health to enable him or her carry out her roles.

How the model supports learning

Personal system’s perception concept is essential for learning. Itis clear that this concept influences behavior which includes how oneperceives oneself in terms of body, space and time (Maureen et al.,2002). The theory would enhance learning in that it would enablelearners to set goals, which they must achieve.

Rationale for the model

It is clear that a patient must interact and communicate, as well astransact with the nurse. The rationale behind this model is that thetwo must agree on certain goals, which they will set and later seekto attain.


I agree with the elements of the theory in that it emphasizes goalsetting and attainment. It is essential to set goals in order to worktowards the achievement of such goals and also to have a purpose anddirection (Maureen et al., 2002). The model may be discouraging tothe learners who fail to attain the set goals. It is most useful whenpreparing learners for examinations where they can set the pointsthey desire to score and then works towards such attainment.


I have had a personal experience with the mode where I set myacademic goals and work towards achieving them. This strategy hasbeen extremely successful in my academic career as I have managed topass all my examinations.


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