Las Vegas Tour Las Vegas Natural History Museum

LasVegas Tour: Las Vegas Natural History Museum

LasVegas Tour: Las Vegas Natural History Museum


LasVegas has many tourist attraction sites and activities. The city isfamous for its casinos, busy nightlife, and other recreationfacilities. However, the Las Vegas Natural History Museum is one ofthe many educational and informative centers in the city. The museumis located on Las Vegas Boulevard, one of the most popular streetsrenowned for its casinos, and the Las Vegas Strip. The museum is oneof the largest with various attraction sites, galleries, andexhibits. It features different historical and cultural attractions,including treasures of Egypt, and prehistoric images and sculptures.The museum is specifically located at the E Washington Avenue cross.The entrance to the museum has a huge rock engrave the name of themuseum to demonstrate its uniqueness and generate a sense of nature. Around the museum are numerous gigantic sculptures of dinosaurs, andother prehistoric creatures. Additionally, wall sized galleries, andvoice support services help visitors to connect history with realexperiences.

Oneof the major exhibits is the Wild Nevada exhibit that has acollection of Nevada’s flora and fauna. The exhibit features nearlyall the animals, plants and entire ecosystems through dioramas andvideos. The videos help to explain specific details about thecharacteristics, adaptation, and survival secrets of Nevada’s floraand fauna. Additionally, the museum has an exhibit titled “Treasuresof Egypt”, a 4000-square foot hall with replicas of some of thepopular Egyptian artifacts (Vegas, 2014). The exhibit offers thevisitor an experience of ancient Egypt due to the quality anddetailed nature of the artifacts, including King Tut’s tomb.

Theother source of interest is the prehistoric life gallery thatcontains pictures and replicas of dinosaurs and other prehistoricanimals. The exhibit offers detailed facts about the existence,adaptation behaviors, family trees, and other important informationon some of the popular prehistoric animals. In addition to theprehistoric exhibit, the museum offers a marine experience in amarine life gallery. The marine exhibit is one of the uniqueattractions due to the presence of live marine life, including ashark and a turtle. The combination of replicas and live animalsoffers visitors an amazing experience and enhances an understandingof the marine life. Sound buttons are available to help visitorsconceptualize different animal sounds on display.

Themuseum has other exhibits, which include an international wildlifegallery with numerous animals across the world. The room offers ananalysis of animal classification, with hundreds of animalsclassified under cat, dog, horse, and bear families. The otherexhibit focuses on African animals, with emphasis on savannaexperiences and mountains. The other exhibit has animals from theAfrican rainforest. To create a realistic experience, the room isdark. It contains gorillas and other rain forest ecosystems.

Theexperience offers visitors a near –real encounter with flora andfauna in central Africa. All components and replicas are welldetailed with specific information on location, adaptation, and otherfindings helpful to individuals interested in visiting the Africanrain forest. Charges to the museum are very low. Adults pay $10,while children pay only $5. Additionally, there is a special discountfor two adults, at which only one of the adult pays while the otherone gets in free.


Theexperience in the museum is that of connecting with the past. Themuseum offers a natural exploration of existing and prehistoricecosystems. Visitors get to appreciate the vastness of the ecosystem,by presenting all the distinctions across all planets. Visitors areoffered an encounter with replicas of animals and plants, as well asgalleries that bring the entire planet in a single spot. Nevadamuseum is another place with similar experiences. Visitors can getsimilar experiences in this museum, since it contains prehistoricanimals, plants, and detailed ecosystem of Nevada (Spring Preserve,2014). However, one of the distinction between Las Vegas Naturalmuseum and Nevada State museum, is that the latter only containsflora and fauna from Nevada alone, whereas Las Vegas has a collectionof the world’s greatest ecosystems.


Themuseum is unique due to the combination of different worldecosystems, and emphasis on facts, thorough descriptions, andguidelines. The museum also offers a wide variety of ecosystems andanimals, starting with prehistoric animals, to popular cultures, forexample, Egyptian ancient culture. Visitors experience a tour of theworld, as well as a combination of land and sea life. Another uniquefactor is the combination of living and replicated marine life.Whereas museums are common with replicated ecosystems, Las VegasNatural Museums offers visitors a rare opportunity to interact withlive sharks and experience hatchery and feeding of animals. Itcreates a perception of a national part, with static replicas, someof which have recorded sounds that create a sense of life.

Amenitiesand Facilities

Themuseum has a secure parking lot with enough parking spaces, althoughpeople are encouraged to find alternative parking spaces to minimizecongestion. Additionally, there is a vending machine with snacksmeant for visitors’ refreshments during the tour. There is a giftshop with small artifacts and replicas, which sell cheap productswithin the budgets of visitors. The gift shop also serves as anopportunity to preserve memories of the museum and its exhibitions.

Positivesand Negatives

Oneof the positive impacts is on the customer service. The museum useselectronic booking systems and mobile apps to help visitors locateparking spaces in, or near the museum. They offer free parking apps,which also serve as direction guides to new visitors. Additionally,children enjoy the most due to thrilling experiences, empatheticstaffs, and detailed facts on all the replicated materials. Liveanimals increase the touch of life and make the place exiting. Sharkfeeding is an additional thrill to visitors, as well as being allowedto touch some animals to get a real feeling of its fur, hairs, andskins.

Oneof the major drawbacks is lack of a restaurant, which forces visitorsto cut short their rounds, or speed up, especially in the company ofchildren. A restaurant would have reduced the complaints over havingto leave the museum in search of a restaurant in the city.


Themuseum has a website, the, which contains themuseum’s information and directions. This makes it possible forpeople outside Vegas to learn about the museum’s activities.Additionally, it relies on guest reviews to attract more visitors toits exhibitions. The museum has collaborated with Vegasentertainment, and recreation institutions to market the museum asone of the greatest places to visit once someone visits Las Vegas.The information makes it popular, while the guest reviews enhancesthe confidence of new visitors. Its main marketing platform is theinternet, in order to diversify its market scope.


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